Meet Rust, the survival game that is hit on Twitch

For some reason, survival-related themes are all the rage. Perhaps the pandemic motivated us to imagine ourselves in an extreme situation where we no longer have so many comforts and we must assume a leading role to obtain resources.

There are television programs, best sellers and video games that currently incorporate this theme.

One of the most popular is Rust , released in 2018 by Facepunch Studios and is currently one of the most popular on Twitch .

The image shows a scene from the popular video game Rust.

What does it consist of?

Of course, the ultimate goal of this game is to survive. For that, the player begins the game completely naked and, as time passes, he will gain certain skills, which will allow him to hunt animals and overcome the other competitors on the island.

As they are in a desolate environment, they will have to withstand the inclement weather, in addition to dealing with hunger and thirst.

Therefore, players must use ingenuity to build shelters, in addition to making different elements with the materials they collect.

It may seem like a first-person version of Age of Empires , the truth is that Rust's story is highly addictive.

Currently, Rust has become fashionable again, reaching a peak of more than one million viewers on Twitch thanks to the Egoland program, which is being broadcast by different youtubers and streamers .

At the moment, this video game is only available for PC and works for both Windows and Mac.

OnSteam it can be found at a price of $ 26.79, yes, it is currently offered at a 33 percent discount.

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