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Marc Vicente, the CEO of ABA English: “technology cannot replace teachers,”

Due to the health emergency that can only be crossed at the global level, it has become very difficult —if not impossible— to carry out classroom, which has forced companies, teachers and students to turn in digital environments. This became a new reality for many, but what about those learning platforms that already saw the remote in their bases? What is also suffered changes for the pandemic?

Marc Vincent is the head of ABA English, a startup specialized in teaching online language and with more than 30 million students around the world. Declares that, due to the health situation, several of the trends which in fact were already present, have accelerated.

“There is an acceleration that is disruptive in everything it has to do with methods and digital learning remote, despite the fact that the people already began to understand them and use them”, he emphasizes.

Marc Vicente, CEO de ABA English

In its opinion, also is being given the credibility due to digital learning, which before was considered that it had less value than face to face teaching. That has forced the various services to respond to the needs of customers who demand experiences that until now had lived in the traditional school, says the executive.

Yes: Vincent recognized that no one was prepared for the new circumstances that we are currently living: “we were Not prepared, but as a native in the environment of digital learning, we’ve adapted very quickly, unlike some operators, traditional learning, they were not ready, nor cultural or technologically”.

With regard to the users (students), who think that they will have to “autodescubrirse” and reinvent itself at a professional level.

“The people, more than ever, you will need to prepare, do it very fast, and skills in very specific,” he says.

As a response, indicates that in ABA-English —with headquarters in Barcelona and with a team composed of 60 professionals from 20 countries— is being revised both the content and the learning experience, in addition to that we are creating programs of study intensive with certification.

Within all the changes, Vicente expressed that it is not left of side the fundamental role of the teachers: “The new digital technologies cannot and should not replace the professionals, to the teachers, but the opposite: it should be empowering them. The users, the students, continue to necesitándolos”.

Smart Learning

Usuario atento frente a una computadoraPhoto by Miguelangel Miquelena on Unsplash

The new learning model of ABA English —designed especially to respond to the current needs of the students— it is called Smart Learning, which seeks them to learn English with personalized experiences and specific goals.

“What you are looking for (this method) is to tuck each customer with a personalized experience, according to what you want, what you like and its objectives”, says the manager of the service.

The interaction between students through chat rooms, as well as with the professors through video conferencing, it is relevant in Smart Learning: “That feeling of companionship, when in a digital environment, it is more necessary than ever,” he adds.

On the basis of users of the application, Vicente reports that their main market is located in the south of Europe and Latin america, although it is already turning to see China.

“In Europe, when someone wants to learn English, the motivation is divided between the cultural and professional development. In Latin America, the main motivation is to be able to interact in environments more closely related to the united States,” he adds.

Any way, Vincent promises that the platform has the necessary tools for a lover of travel, learn from experiences of the type, or for someone to be able to function in the field of business, to give just two examples.

“Our content and learning experience are verticalizados based on what people need and what they like,” concludes the director.

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