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Magical M9, the speakers are giants in size and price

Once you finish the coronavirus, sure we all want to make one of those holidays monumental, where you can pull more than the house through the window.

And it seems that the californian company Magico is the speaker perfect for this celebration, because their model of the M9, which has the modest price of $750,000 usd the pair is a true beast.

The speaker has a height of 80 inches (about 6.6 feet), and have a weight of 1,000 pounds (453.592 kilograms).

Magico claims that the M9 manages to combine the inner and outer layers of carbon fiber, which aims to eliminate the vibration that may suffer from the speakers lower.

The site Digital Trends says about this model giant, “the unwanted vibrations not only introduced sound competitive that reduce the overall quality of the audio, but also rob them of the drivers part of their energy that should be used to project the sound outward, not inward. Magico says that he has achieved exactly that: “Although the M9 has a physical presence dominant, in terms of sonic, it vanishes entirely.”

Other technical specifications of the Magico M9:

  • Within each tower you will find a tweeter of beryllium-coated diamond of 1.10 inches, a cone-shaped Nano-Tec 6 inches with a controller mid-range of honeycomb core of aluminum, two means of 11 inches, of similar construction. Two woofers of 15 inches.
  • Full range of frequencies from 18 Hz to an incredibly high 50 KHz.
  • The cabinet also incorporates our latest application of damping layer constrained using aerospace composites, in addition to the familiar features of the construction Magical, which include a board baffle of aluminum for aircraft 6061-T6 and rods from front to back. Through many rounds of modeling, finite element analysis, we have adjusted the design of the cabinet to suppress resonances and any possibility of stored energy.

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