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LG would be working on several models of flip phones to IFA 2019

LG is looking for some designs absolutely crazy for your flip phone, other relatively “normal” and even one that is plisa in Z, with three screens and without ports. Thus reflected in the patent revealed recently, one of which could be presented at IFA Berlin, in September next.

The flip phone from LG has been in development phase since a while ago. We believed to be clear what I was looking for the manufacturer, that is to say, a cover design invisible where the phone opens up like the old Motorola Razr. However, the patent revealed by LetGoDigital showed that LG has another thing in mind.

Labeled as Model A, Model B and Model C, could be one of these the device of double-screen, the manufacturer will be the IFA Berlin, the technology trade show most important and traditional of Europe?

Modelo A
Model Credits: Let’s Go Digital

The Model displays a design type Galaxy Fold Samsung, with an external display that is smaller and another bigger one in its interior. No buttons or ports, users, open up the computer to get a larger screen. As we have seen with the Galaxy Fold, this increases the chances of developing a fold on the internal screen. But unlike the Samsung device, the external panel has no bezel or space for a camera selfie. The only cameras are in the back. Also has a scanner of fingerprints, so that it is possible to use one on the screen.

Modelo B
Model B. Credits: Let’s Go Digital

The Model B resembles the Mate X of Huawei. It consists of a single screen extended to both sides, that folds out to create a larger one. When you open the device, it does not have camera lenses, that are hidden below the screen and only reveal themselves when the device is folded. This would make it virtually impossible to use the camera while the device is deployed, although it could also mean that the side of the device without lenses would be used as a viewfinder.

Modelo C
Model C. Credits: Let’s Go Digital

The Model C is the most strange. Like the first, contains a large internal screen, but adds two external: the front of the device and another in the back. It is not clear what advantage would this. As the design is the least developed, it seems that LG is only covering a lot of alternatives.

The Model Z

But there is also another strange design that LG seems to be looking for. Tentatively called the “type of Z-fold” by LetsGoDigital, this device can be deployed three times, with a third smaller screen hidden neatly behind the main.

The name comes from the way that the phone arrives at his flat, as it unfolds briefly as a Z. like the previous designs, not shown ports. The charging only wireless would be a bet interesting, although it might not be to everyone’s taste. Of the four models, this seems to be the least likely. After all, the trailer of LG anticipates a team of two screens, although do not dispose of anything until we have seen the presented device.

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