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LG Velvet: elegant, lightweight and a well-deserved flagship phone

LG Velvet 5G

LG Velvet: elegant, lightweight and a well-deserved flagship phone

“The new LG Velvet is a phone is delicate, aesthetic, lightweight, and with a screen that many high-end phones would like to have.”

  • Account with elegant design
  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It offers superior performance
  • The camera needs to improve
  • The battery is not impressed
  • It is difficult to sustain by their sharp edges
PVS $599.00

When it comes to phones, LG not only wants to be remembered for its line of ThinQ. That’s why, launched its new model Velvet, a phone that particularly seems to me much more elegant, and in addition, contains a number of interesting qualities in your camera.

The big question is, can you compete with the big phones logos of the most popular companies of the moment? To find out, I tested the LG Velvet for several days, and here I’ll give you my verdict.

A feather in your hands

The LG Velvet not only impresses by being a phone is quite slim and sleek with a display of 6.8 inches that covers the entire front, but also, being really lightweight, so much so that it will feel like a feather in your hands, if you compare with other phones in the market.

The new device from LG weighs only 180 grams, which, when compared with the 200 and 220 grams of the most of the phones badge of other companies, makes a huge difference. In addition, only has a thickness of 7.9 mm and has a concept curved design of the arc 3D”, that gives more sensation of thinness.

My model of review is to shiny gray (its official name is Aurora Gray). This is probably the version most conventional phone, which also comes in other colours more vivid as Illusion, Sunset, Dawn White , and Aurora Green. Finally, in this opportunity has opted to be more original with their colors and that is something that is appreciated.

LG Velvet 5GMaria Teresa Lopes/Digital Trends

The set of cameras is also special, since they are arranged in the form of vertical, as if they were a kind of rain drops that become smaller as the lenses down. The lens upper main stands out because it is larger and has a black frame, followed by two lenses of the same size and finally the flash.

LG placed the volume buttons and the dedicated key to the Google Assistant at the opposite side of the body of the power button, probably to avoid turning it off by accident. However, as it is something different from the rest, maybe take you a while to get used to it.

The disadvantage of the Velvet are their sharp edges. All phones with sharp edges, have the same problem: they are not comfortable to hold, and this is no exception. Grabbing it with force is not nice. However, leaving aside this detail, the design of the phone is impressive, and any person minimalist would love to have him.

Screen and audio

The LG Velvet is tall and thin due to their aspect ratio 20.5: 9, display P-OLED display, which measures 6.8 inches and has a resolution of 2,460 x 1,080 pixels. These qualities make it quite similar to the aspect ratio of 21: 9 that Motorola has adopted for the Edge Plus. If this were not enough, the LG Velvet has support HDR10 and content plays HDR YouTube.

Particularly, I like the center cut on the top to show the camera of selfie by is quite delicate and minimalist, unlike others in the market.

LG Velvet 5GMaria Teresa Lopes/Digital Trends

The audio comes from stereo speakers that you have in the top and bottom and the truth they sound very good. I did some tests with videos, podcasts, our programmes, Digital Trends Live and MotorTech and I liked the sharpness of the sound and how high they can get to be heard.

This phone has a headphone connector of 3.5 mm at the bottom, but unfortunately, the excellent Quad DAC seen in many LG phones older has not reached this model. It is a pity, because without him, the Velvet simply account with standard sound when you connect it to headphones with cable. Hopefully that is something that you add LG in the next version of this model.

A decent camcorder

The lenses in the rear of this device seem to be drops of rain, arranged vertically. You will find a sensor f/1.8 of 48 megapixels, a sensor, f/2.2 8-megapixel camera and a depth sensor, f/2.4 5-megapixel.

LG Velvet 5GMaria Teresa Lopes/Digital Trends

Although on paper their values are not impressive, because other cameras offer sensors far more comprehensive, what is certain is that in testing, the camera of the LG Velvet does not disappoint.

The wide-angle lens takes photos very crisp with a strong effect HDR skies bright blue, green, amplified, and strong reds as you can see in the examples. However, when I used the prime lens, the camera took some blurry photos and some were so colorful, that came to look very different to the reality.

The portrait mode bokeh has a detection of edges is poor, the zoom mode (which is not compatible with a telephoto lens) extends to only 2x and the camera app many times it is difficult to make changes quickly.

I must admit that also I lost count of the number of times I jogged the Google Assistant for error when trying to open the camera from the shortcut of the lock screen, so that is likely to happen to you also.

The camera of the LG Velvet is not perfect and has several details that perhaps can be improved through a software update, however, it takes decent photos, and for those who are not demanding with the quality of the photos, you can be more than sufficient and offers this phone.

Software and performance

The LG Velvet features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G connectivity, 5G and 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, depending on the geographical location. The version we tested had 6 GB of RAM, and the truth it worked pretty well in the daily use. Not to froze in no time and resisted have several applications open, including some games without problems.

LG Velvet 5GMaria Teresa Lopes/Digital Trends

The LG Velvet comes with Android 10 and the patch of latest security, in addition to the own user interface of LG. Design with a clean, colorful and consistent like that, although if you use the raw interface from Google will cost you a bit to get used to.

On the software side, the most interesting of the new LG Velvet is its compatibility with the technology 5G, although unfortunately we were not able to test it because this technology is not available in the region where we test the device. Hopefully we can soon use it.

A phone that resists the full day

The Velvet has a battery resistant 4,300 mAh that you can charge both with a cable of 25 W, as with wireless charging.

In the tests that I made, the phone battery lasted a full day of use. The truth by its large values, I thought that it would last longer, but in spite of that, I have to admit that is pretty decent.

It can also be a phone of double screen

This is not the first time that LG offers a housing with a double-screen to add to their phones and thus, making them just as useful and eye-catching as the new flip phones on the market, but at a cheaper price and a little less heavy.

On this occasion, the sheath Dual Screen with a screen P-OLED 6.8 inches identical to that of Velvet, and with a front screen of 2.1 inches, which allows you to check the time and alert you of any notification when you have the case closed. Provides the ability to have greater display when you use multiple applications at the same time, move the screens up to 360 degrees, and is capable of becoming up on a stand to watch videos comfortably.

LG Velvet 5GMaria Teresa Lopes/Digital Trends

The case of a dual-screen that I tested is silver, which matches the model of phone I was using and it is made of a tough plastic.

Although this case adds an extra screen for better viewing and protects the Velvet from falls, if you are a person with a minimalist and enjoying the elegance of the phones glass, such as that provided by the new Velvet, you probably will not like to use the Dual Screen, as it not only adds a thick eye-catching to the phone, but in addition gives you 180 more grams of weight.

In addition, you do not have an own battery and takes power from the phone. To recharge the Velvet with the battery pack connected, you need to use a small magnetic adapter that comes with the case. The Dual Screen is sold separately.

Price and availability

The LG Velvet is available for a price of $599 dollars in AT&T and will be available on Verizon and T-Mobile for a similar price.

In case outside little, you can buy (limited time only) by paying only $10 a month, for 30 months on AT&T; that is to say, you may wish to purchase the LG Velvet for $300 dollars, as long as you are a new customer of this telephone operator.


Without a doubt the new LG Velvet is a phone is delicate, minimalist, lightweight and with a screen that many high-end phones would like to have. In addition, it has a decent battery and a pretty good performance for its price. However, it falls short in terms of the quality of the photographs.

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