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Leverages the best applications of shopping at home

With the applications of shopping, you can stay at home while someone else takes your products to your door. This is an ideal option during the pandemic COVID-19 for those who don’t want to or can’t go out to buy food and supplies.

This kind of apps usually are divided into categories. When you use Instacart, for example, basically you are hiring someone to go to the grocery store for you. Others like Peapod are more like a virtual store, while Walmart Grocery is the service of delivery of the physical store.

These are some of our applications of favorite purchases for the united States.

Note: many of these services are offering deliveries without direct contact to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Take into account that stocks and delivery times may have certain limitations during the pandemic.


Shipt, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? After opening your account and download the app for iOS or Android, you just need to select your products, choose the shipping option and pay. Then, in a matter of one hour will touch your door. Currently Shipt offers products from larger chains like Publix, Kroger, Fry’s, and I-B, and uses equipment from the local buyers to choose your products, making sure everything is fresh. You can use it during the hours of the shop; in some cases this availability is 24 hours.

Availability: Shipt is currently available in several large cities of the southeast u.s., in addition to Texas, Arizona, Michigan and Ohio.

Prices and delivery: the membership of Shipt it costs $100 for one year or $14 dollars a month, and not pay for the delivery if it exceeds the $35 dollars. If not, there is a charge of $7 dollars. The price of the articles is slightly higher than if you buy them yourself at a physical store. It is recommended to give a tip; you can do it through the app.



Instacart, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? Instacart uses a team of local buyers to get goods from a variety of stores in your area. Although you can buy in several supermarket chains, as Mariano”s and Whole Foods, there is also a function that allows you to buy prescription. You can schedule deliveries in advance or against order.

Availability: Instacart delivery in several large cities of the united States such as Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and New York.

Prices and delivery: the delivery cost depends on the size of your order and the delivery time that you choose. You can also purchase a membership Instacart Express for get free delivery on orders over $35 dollars.

Instacart is offering their products at the same price than the physical stores, although they may vary slightly. Instacart adds a service fee of 5 per cent on products not alcoholics who do not have the membership Express. If you have it, you have to pay for the service, but much less; the cost starts at 1.9 percent. The service charge is not gratuity; the gratuity by default is 5 percent.

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Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? Amazon Prime Now is one of the many benefits of membership in Amazon Prime. Although this service depends to a large extent the items in one of the many warehouses of Amazon, you can purchase things from local stores like Whole Foods. In addition, Prime Now gets you much more than just food. In less than two hours you can arrive to your door everything from batteries to cleaning supplies.

Availability: Amazon Prime Now is available in dozens of cities, such as Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Antonio and Seattle.

Prices and delivery: this service is included in your membership to Amazon Prime ($100 a year). The delivery of two hours is free, but you can pay for an expedited service for an hour (usually about $10). For the free shipping requires a minimum order of $35; if not, there is a charge of $5 dollars.

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Peapod, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? Peapod is a grocery store in line. While other services rely on the products offered by local shops, many of the articles of Peapod from its own inventory. The online store is organized by “pasilllos”, and given that most of their inventory is in their own wineries, you can avoid some of the costs of delivery by going yourself for your order.

Availability: Peapod is available in several major cities of united States. With your zip code you can see if it is in your area.

Price: the shipping charge depends on the size of the order. On orders over $30 dollars, the minimum required for a delivery, you must pay $10. This drops to $8 dollars if your purchase exceeds $75, and goes down again, to $7, orders over $100 dollars. Or you can go to pick up your stuff yourself.

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Google Express

Google Express, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? Google Express is the exception on our list. While other services bring fresh products to your home, Google Express focuses more on items less perishable items such as cereals, canned foods and coffee. However, their inventory goes far beyond the grocery store and includes products in a wide variety of stores such as Costco, Kohl’s and PetSmart.

Availability: Google Express is available in most major cities in the united States.

Prices: you don’t have to pay for membership, and in many orders higher than the $15 you’ll get free shipping, depending on the store. Delivery times vary; it may be the same day or take up to a week or more. The details of the shipping also depend on where you live, shop and what you buy.

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FreshDirect, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? FreshDirect is a service focused on the freshness. If you are concerned about the origin of your vegetables or your chicken is organic, without a doubt you should take a look at FreshDirect. In addition to providing ratings of the quality of their products every day, FreshDirect offers information about many of their products, so that you know exactly how that food came to your door.

Availability: FreshDirect is available in many cities in the northeast u.s., including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Washington, D. C.

Prices and delivery: the cost of the delivery varies according to your location, but expect to pay about $6 dollars for a minimum order of $30 dollars. FreshDirect does not have quick delivery, but their service FoodKick offer deliveries faster.

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Walmart Grocery Delivery

Walmart Grocery Delivery, una de las mejores aplicaciones de compras

How does it work? You can download the app from Walmart Grocery, or to visit your internet site. In the app you will find almost everything that you would see in the store. There is a wide selection of products, even things like makeup or aspirin. After selecting everything that you need to choose if you’re going to pick you up or if you want me to take, and at what time.

Availability: Walmart Grocery Delivery is available in many cities of the united States.

Prices and delivery: the costs tend to be between $8 and $10 dollars. However, you can subscribe to a service called Grocery Unlimited that offers deliveries unlimited for $13 dollars a month, or about $100 dollars a year. This does not include the tip for the dealer. Although you can usually find a delivery is available in less than 24 hours, the delivery times available have been very limited during the pandemic of coronavirus.

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