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Lenovo wants to become the center of your smart home with its new devices

Lenovo also wants to win in the smart home market by launching a new line of "Smart Home Essentials" at the IFA 2018 congress in Berlin.

Lenovo Smart Home Essentials is a new family of interconnected devices, which the company expects to serve as a comprehensive center for those who want to organize and manage their smart home in an effective and simple way. The Lenovo Link application serves as a centralized control hub to configure and manage all applicable devices, with the hope of eliminating the need for an individual application for each smart device each time it is added to a home system.

Of course, the system is compatible with smart assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa , although the company also offers its own control connector, the Lenovo Smart Display , which we were able to test a few weeks ago and found an excellent option, even better than the Amazon devices like the Echo Show.

In addition to launching several laptops and tablets, Lenovo's new smart home products include:

Lenovo Smart Plus , which costs $ 30 and will launch in November, is a Wi-Fi connected plug that easily fits into the growing Lenovo AO ecosystem, and can be commanded by Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Lenovo's smart screen. This small, easy-to-use device can be plugged into any power outlet to allow any compatible device to be controlled remotely.

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Lenovo Smart Bulb , also available in November for $ 30 dollars, has voice and remote control, color adjustments, a time delay and a life expectancy of around 15,000 hours. Users can remotely program and customize the lighting, adjusting the color temperature and attenuating the brightness, or turning it on and off from anywhere and at any time. In addition, it allows you to monitor images anywhere within the house and give instructions through a built-in two-way microphone.

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Lenovo Smart Camera , Lenovo's smart new camera will come with a pre-sale price of $ 100 and features infrared night vision up to 20 meters, motion detection, two-way audio, and a variety of useful features to monitor your home.

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Lenovo has always had a strong presence in IFA, despite focusing on basic products such as personal computers, tablets, smart home devices and smart TVs, and generally moving away from the phone market, where its products have the Motorola brand. Last year, the company's presence was heavy on laptops and its growing virtual reality technology.

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