Lenovo vs Dell: we compare ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 and Dell XPS 15

If you want a laptop powerful but relatively portable, the 15-inch will fit perfectly. The 13-inch tend to be too small to include graphics cards, powerful processors and high-capacity. Two of the best models are the Dell XPS 15 and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2, offering fast CPU, decent graphics and displays excellent. We compared them and we have a winner: in the battle Lenovo vs Dell, what will win?


Portátil ThinkPad X1 Extrema Gen 2 abierto

ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 has the same iconic look that the vast majority of the ThinkPad. It is well built, with carbon fiber on the top and aluminum on the bottom of the chassis and a soft lining to the touch that makes the laptop comfortable to carry and write with it. Dell XPS 15 has its aspect, which has not changed in years, with a cap of aluminum silver and a carbon-fibre chassis black also has a soft material to the touch on the deck of the keyboard. It is also well built and feels solid in the hand.

Although none of these laptops stands out in aesthetics, the XPS 15 has a more modern look thanks to a few bezels are significantly smaller. However, the two chassis are roughly the same size and while the XPS 15 is more thin with 0.66 inch compared to 0.7 inches, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 is lighter with 3.76 pounds compared to 4.5 pounds.

You will enjoy the keyboards of these two laptops, thanks to the large capacity of displacement and the mechanisms are fast and accurate. However, fans of the ThinkPad will not be able to resist it to the keyboard of the X1 Extreme, and we agree that it is one of the best. Both touchpads have a reasonable size and use the Microsoft Precision to perform multi-touch gestures accurate and reliable in Windows 10 and, as is usual, the ThinkPad takes the red TrackPoint in the center of the keyboard for fans of the ThinkPad hooked to it. Both laptops can be configured with touch screens and non-touch.

As you would expect in this range, both laptops enjoy a decent connectivity, while the ThinkPad comes out winning. The XPS 15 has two USB ports-3.1 a single USB port-C Thunderbolt 3 and a port HDMI , full-size, which is very good. But the X1 Extreme Gen 2 has two USB ports-C Thunderbolt 3, a gigabit Ethernet connection (which unfortunately requires a dongle), two USB ports-3.1 and an SD card reader, full size. Can be configured with a smart card reader for added security. Both laptops are compatible with the latest wireless connectivity Wifi 6 together with Bluetooth 5.

The ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 has a better connectivity, while the XPS 15 has a more modern look.


portátil Dell XPS 15

In few words, are two of the laptops 15-inch faster that you can buy. Both can be configured with processors up to Intel Core i9 of the ninth generation of 45 watts, while the Dell offers a chip that is Core-i9-9980HK slightly faster than the Core i9-9880H Lenovo. This makes the XPS 15 is a bit faster in creative applications such as editing photos and videos, but they are both processors of eight cores.

Both laptops also use GPU-Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, which provides a solid set of mid-range to 1080p always that the graphics details are not too high in the games more advanced. The two are portable, very fast for creative professionals.

You can even choose similar screens. Both offer very good Full HD displays (1,920 x 1,080) for those who want to maximize the life of the battery, and in addition there are two options of screen 4K (3,840 x 2,160) for both laptops. Their screens 4K IPS are very good, with support for high dynamic range (HDR) Dolby Vision and excellent colors and contrast, and both offer the same screen Samsung AMOLED display has an excellent brightness, the better color and an incredible contrast. We can call this one a draw.

The XPS 15 wins a battle of performance very close thanks to its faster CPU, but not by a significant margin.


portátil ThinkPad Extreme Gen 2

Are not the most portable light, although the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 will save you almost a pound of weight. However, for laptops of 15 inches, both are very portable.

In battery life, the XPS 15 outperforms the ThinkPad. This is mainly due to the huge capacity of 97 watt-hour battery that Dell incorporated into the XPS 15, while the ThinkPad is limited to 80 watt-hours.

It is difficult to compare the life of the battery, because the screen has a significant impact on the duration. However, we review the versions AMOLED the two and the XPS 15 lasted over two hours longer in our tests of web browsing, and video in a loop. The laptops were less than a minute away in our test web reference most demanding of Basemark, demonstrating that the CPU can become the component that more energy consume when you are stressed.

You can decrease the resolution of the screen and get a better battery life in both laptops, but the XPS 15 is by far the machine with more autonomy.

The XPS 15 is the most balanced

detalle del panel táctil y el teclado de la portátil Dell XPS 15

The price of the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 starts at $1,500 ($1,350 dollars in sales) with a Core i7-9750H, 16 GB of RAM, a SSD of 512 GB and a Full HD display, and up to $5,325 ($3,728 usd in rebates) with a CPU Core i9-9980H, 64 GB of RAM, an SSD of 1 TB and the AMOLED screen 4K. Is a laptop very face, in fact.

The XPS 15 is part of a price significantly lower than $1,000 with a Core i5-9300H, 8 GB of RAM, an SSD of 256 GB, a battery of 56 watt-hour and a Full HD display. And you can invest up to $3,400 dollars, with a Core i9-9980HK, 64 GB of RAM, an SSD, a 2tb and the AMOLED screen is 4K, with a full battery of 97-watt-hour. The XPS 15 is also a laptop, very expensive.

The two are among the best laptops 15-inch that you can buy, and you can set them up to be excellent options for creative professionals with money to buy them. But the XPS 15 wins the battle thanks to a better battery life and performance slightly faster.

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