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Lenovo Smart Clock: fix clock multi-function with Google Assistant

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock: fix clock multi-function with Google Assistant

“Its compatibility with the Google Assistant gives you a lot more profits as a simple alarm clock.”

  • Multiple functions
  • Decent sound
  • Current design and practical
  • Price slightly high
  • The Google Assistant sometimes does not attend
PVS $49.00

At a glance, the Lenovo Smart Clock might go unnoticed as a digital alarm clock of the conventional, but it is not. With a touch screen and its compatibility with the Google Assistant is loaded with functions that go beyond its primary use is to get out of bed. With it you can listen to music, control other smart appliances in the home are supported, and their intention is to make your life easier in your home at any time of the day.

A refined aesthetic

With an ideal size for the bedside table, Lenovo Smart Clock brings a touch screen of 4 inches, a size plenty to see the hour at any time, although this also depends on the design of the area that you choose. The device is lined with a fabric acoustic grey similar in appearance to those of some speakers, such as the Amazon Echo, the Dot, the Google Home Mini or the Citation ONE of Harman Kardon. It is a fabric that gives a modern aesthetic.

Lenovo Smart Clock
Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

At the top of the watch are the physical controls volume. In the back, the input to connect the cable and plug it to the electrical grid, a button for the wizard of Google not listening and a USB port to charge the mobile phone on the bedside table.

Multiple functions

The process to start to operate is very simple: roughly, it first connects to the wifi network from home through the application Google Home. Once connected, just follow the instructions of the application. You can access to functions through two panels, one at the top of the screen and the other on the bottom. Both appear and disappear by sliding the fingers. With the above will trigger the alarm, the way Good Night and the music playback. In the below displays the icons to adjust the display brightness, the volume, mute and configuration.

Alarm clock

Lenovo Smart Clock
Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

As its name indicates, is a multifunction device with a soul wake up. With the advantage that you can schedule alarms through voice (and manually via the touch screen) and change the fields even by putting your own images (taken from Google Pictures and they are changing as if it were a digital photo frame to the time that the display shows the time). And, how not, you have several sounds to choose from and different options for the alarm to repeat (for example, every ten minutes for an hour, among other possibilities).

The watch is equipped with an option called ‘Wake up Dawn,’ with which, half an hour before the alarm sounds, the light comes on gradually to go accustomed to it before we wake up. In the mode Routine, the Google Assistant is active to wake you with the alarm to say previously, and then (once switched off the alarm), tells you the time in your location and news (headlines news of The 1st of TVE, podcast from and newsletters of the Chain to Be) for 15 minutes.

If you want to add any workout more, for example the traffic of your home to your place of work, is done through the application Google Home. For this function, make sure the volume is turned up high if you have low, and the alarm of the alarm clock hear it well but the pass to the news, you hear much more bass.

Soothing sounds

Lenovo Smart Clock
Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

The possibility of listening to sounds that help you relax to fall asleep was one of the features that most interest caused us. These sounds are linked to the Mode ‘Good Night’ to the clock and you can choose via the icon Routines of the app Google Home. A routine, for example, would be: first you said the time of the next day or asks you to set the alarm, and then begins to play soothing sounds or music or anything, as you choose. However, in our tests, we have only been able to listen to one of the default sounds in the app (night in camp), that we have not been like anything relaxing. When we have selected in the app for other sounds (there are nine, including a white noise) didn’t work for us and has put on some relaxing music in Spotify or directly to the wizard of Google has told us: “Sorry, I don’t know how to help you but I’m still learning every day.”

Speaker for listening to music

Lenovo Smart Clock
Marta Villalba / Digital Trends IS

Lenovo Smart Clock becomes a speaker for listening to music in the bedroom of your account of Spotify Premium, Deezer, YouTube. It is possible to ask the Google Assistant that you put music to, or select it manually with a few taps on the screen, and then control the playback and adjust the volume from your smartphone through the app Home or one’s own music service. We’ve tested it with Spotify , and we’ve been able to listen to our playlists by selecting the playlist from the smartphone. As a speaker gives the size, he is listening with a good quality, if you don’t raise the volume to the maximum.

Control of the smart home

The interaction with the Google Assistant makes it easier to control by the voice of all the amenities of a smart home from the bedroom (lights smart, temperature, speakers, robot vacuum cleaner, coffee maker…). For our analysis we have linked up with the Roomba, and the clock has always responded to our requests by voice to start or pause it.


Lenovo Smart Clock stands out for its design not only attractive, but also practical due to its size and the detail of the USB. Configure it to start to work is it an easy process for any user. In sound more than satisfies its purpose. Play music with a audio quality decent and plenty of power for either a bedroom, although with a very high volume the sound loses sharpness.

Everything you have asked or configured in the clock we have worked except the routine of Good Nights in the that we have only been able to hear a sound (dubiously) relaxing. This has disappointed us a bit because the soothing sounds to help you sleep was one of the things that most attract us. We assume that this is not attributable to the Lenovo Smart Clock, but to the application of Google.

The device is perfect to replace your mobile phone as an alarm clock. But if you are only using it as an alarm clock, you may not compensate for its price of 89 euros in Spain (it costs $49 dollars in the united States). If you like to listen to music in your room and you want to control other smart devices compatible, you will get the maximum match, and then maybe it will worth to spend that money.

Amazon Echo Show 5 and Google Nest Hub proposals are similar in appearance, but are not designed specifically as an alarm clock for the bedroom and allow more uses, for example, to see movies, so that proposals are very different and do not consider them direct competitors of the device Lenovo.

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