Lenovo introduces new models of laptops ThinkBook 14 and 15 in IFA 2019

Lenovo presented at IFA 2019, the fair of technology that is developed in Berlin, their new laptops ThinkBook 14 and 15, devices created with small and medium sized companies in mind who promise a better performance and a connectivity fast without breaking your pocket. These laptops have a stylish aluminum body and offer functions for business in addition to functions of the line security digital ThinkShield.

lenovo thinkbook 14 y 15 front angle 1024x729 copia

The company undertook extensive research around the world to be aware of what kind of device sought by the business user of today, focusing on the young people and owners of small businesses and by using all the information gathered to create their new ThinkBooks, offering speed and tools of productivity and creativity, in addition to safety components.

Inside we find Intel Core processors of the tenth generation, SSD storage Pcie and memory modules DDR4; all this complemented with the memory Intel Optane H10 with solid state storage.

Lenovo is also aware that safety is a vital issue. Why include functions such as the power button smartphone with a fingerprint reader, in addition to the ThinkShutter, a cover physically cover the camera and protect your privacy. It also has a USB port hidden that will help to prevent the loss or theft of the dongle of your mouse.

“Thinkbook is not just another line of laptops. We design the ThinkBook specifically for the new work force composed of members of the Generation Z and millennials, with features and a design that make them so easy to use and respond as well as a smart phone,” said Eric Yu, Senior Vice president and General Manager of the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises of Lenovo. “Not only that, but the ThinkBook also ensure a performance suitable for business, and security needs are considered, thing that relieves the director of information technology for a small business of a lot of trouble”.

The company has also updated the ThinkBook 13s and 14s with the Intel Core processors of the tenth generation.

The new ThinkBook will be available from November, and their costs will be the following basic models: the ThinkBook 14 costs €675 euros; the ThinkBook 15 costs €665 euros; the ThinkBook 13s IML costs $729 dollars; and the ThinkBook 14s IML costs $749 dollars.

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