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Learn how to use the Portrait mode on the iPhone 7, 8, and X

The Portrait mode in a iPhone does not have any relationship with the popular selfies, but that is a technology that leverages the dual cameras of your phone to get stunning depth of field effects. And although the iPhone 11 , and the next iPhone in 2020 will likely have the attention of a good part of the users, this function is also available on older computers, as the iPhone X, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7. In this guide we will show you how to use it step by step .

modo retrato en iPhone
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In general, the Portrait mode Apple makes good use of the dual cameras in the rear of your phones, from the new to you ta have a couple of years old. This mode allows you to add to your photos an effect of depth of field, typically reserved for the digital slr camera (DLSR) of luxury.

If still you are not clear on how to use this handy function in your Apple phone, in this guide we will explain to you. Fortunately, learning how to use it in a iPhone takes only a moment.

To do this, you will need to open the app for the camera of the phone and select the Portrait mode, which is located directly over the shutter button. Once your camera is in this mode, you will see a wheel of effects of lighting.

The first effect is Natural Light, which is basically the same as the Portrait mode normal introduced in iOS 11. As its name indicates, the effect of simply desdibujará the fund and will not adjust any of the lights.

The following effect is Studio Light, that even tries to illuminate the subject, seems that the photo was taken in a studio well lit.

Contour Light is to match the lighting as well, but it adds shadows to the contours of the subject, giving the cheeks and other features look more pronounced.

For shots more dramatic, try the option Dramatic Light. The effect offers the same features as Contour Light, but also darkens everything around the background, giving the sensation that the subject is only illuminated in a scenario similar to a black box.

But if Dramatic Light is not what you’re looking for, then the last effect, Stage Light Mono, will probably work for you. It is like Dramatic Light, except that it is in a black and white photo.

So, once you have chosen the desired effect, you will want to place the subject in the center of the chamber and far enough so you can take the photo. The image will appear in your Photos app with the effect applied.

But if you want to change the effect after taking the photo, look for it in the app Photos and select Edit. Then, you’ll see the same options as before, but in the bottom of the photo.

Just remember that you can change or add an effect to the photos that you’ve recorded previously while in Portrait mode.

*Updated December 6, 2019, by Rodrigo Orellana.

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