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Learn how to download Disney movies Plus

Although some services streaming it took them years to allow for the possibility of download series and movies to view offline, this feature is present from the first day of Disney Plus. If you live in the united States or in Europe, accounts with over 600 titles to choose from or hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons,with those who do not will come nor one-fifth of what is available for you to enjoy.

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Perfect for when you don’t want to waste your data, the function to download Disney Plus (for the moment available only in mobile applications) is easy to use, and can download each and every one of the titles, it’s just a matter of thinking about what is it that you want. Here, we’ll explain how to download Disney movies Plus and how to delete them also.

To download films and programs in Disney Plus

Step 1: Choose the quality of the download

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Before the fun, let’s talk about the sizes of the files. If you don’t have extra storage space on your iPhone or Android, Disney Plus includes a function of variable quality that allows you to sacrifice some visual fidelity for a smaller file. Open the app of Disney Plus on your phone (iOS, Android) and click on the icon of your profile in the bottom right. Then navigate to Settings > Quality of download. You will find options of standard, medium and high; this last one probably won’t offer a higher resolution at 1080p.

Step 2: Download your content

As you can see any title from Disney Plus without a connection, you do not need to investigate what content is downloadable. The most complicated part of this step is to think about what you want to see. When you already know it, from the page of the film or the program, tap the download button, located on the far right of the play button under the title. For programs, you can find a download button on each episode, if you don’t want the full season.

From there, Disney is in charge of the magic. It is a download relatively fast connection to wifi, especially the files of a lesser quality, so you can probably make dozens of films during that couple of hours before your flight.

Step 3: Go to the movies and programs that you’ve downloaded

Nothing to do more than have a good time! An easy way to find your downloads is by tapping the icon downloads, which is always visible in the lower right part of the implementation of Disney Plus. All your content will be here, sorted in order of download. Tap the play button in the image of what you want to watch and ready. The episodes are shown a little differently: those are tucked under a single label, and when you touch it you’ll see all the episodes that you have downloaded from that program, sorted by season. You can also find these titles through a search. You’ll know that something is available to be viewed offline if you see a phone icon where it would normally be the download button.

How much space do I need?

The amount of storage space that each title consumed depends on nothing more than the duration and resolution of the video, and with the other variables involved in the equation – starting with the quality that you have selected – this figure can vary a lot.

Us download three films of duration and resolution similar (some of the Star Wars, which lasts just over two hours each) to see how it affected each option the size of the file. The Empire Strikes Back to quality standard weighed 0.92 GB for a file of two hours and seven minutes, while A New Hope of quality of the medium required 1.4 GB for two hours and four minutes. That is a modest jump compared to Return of the Jedi in high quality, which occupied 5.5 GB for two hours and 14 minutes. In terms of programs, an episode of 39 minutes of The Mandalorian to high quality takes up 1.5 GB, but just 270MB in standard and 424MB in medium. Finally, Avengers: Endgame, with their three hours and one minute, you need nothing more and nothing less than 7.1 GB.

Using these data, you can make a rough calculation of how much space you’d need to store everything you want. You can mix things up, changing the quality setting before you begin each download. This would also be an excellent time to decide if you only allow downloads when there is a wi-fi connection, an option that those of limited data should surely consider. By default, the Disney Plus only download via wifi.

What is available?

As explained above, everything in the catalog of Disney Plus can be downloaded to be used offline. Whether a full season of The Simpsons or all the movies in the Movie Universe of Marvel, if you are in Disney Plus, you can download it.

Unlike other services, Disney Plus it is not very strict about restrictions. For a start, you can download the same title in up to 10 different devices at the same time, and you can download as you want as often as you want. The only thing the company asks is that you log on to the Disney Plus every 30 days.

And how do you delete them?

Sooner or later you’ll want to free up space to store new things. Whether you want to delete a single title or a lot of a time, Disney, Plus makes it easy.

Step 1: To erase a single title

Erase some of Disney Plus will take a couple of seconds. First it looks for the content in question going to the downloads section, which you can access by tapping the second icon from the right to the left in the navigation bar of the app. Find what you want to delete, and click on a phone icon to the right of the title. Choose “delete download” and this will leave your phone forever.

Step 2: To delete it all

If you want to delete more than one, Disney Plus gives you two options. In the same section of downloads, you will see a button “edit” in the top right corner. Click there and you will see a lot of boxes appear next to the titles you have. Tap a box to select it for deletion. You can check all your downloads at once using the button “select all” at the top, where before was the edit button. Touching it again will release all of the titles again. When you’re ready to exercise justice, tap the icon with a trash can in the upper right part of the implementation of Disney Plus and say goodbye.

Or you can simply touch the icon of your profile in the bottom right and choose Settings > Delete all the downloads to get rid of it all with a single button.

* Updated by Rodrigo Orellana on march 26, 2020

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