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Learn how to delete apps from your iPhone in simple steps

How your iPhone can’t breathe from so many applications that you have or you simply have some apps that already do not use for years? Then surely, what is more convenient in that you learn how to delete apps or hide them in your phone. If you don’t know it, quiet, then I explained it’s easier than you think!

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Deleting a particular application that you do not like

eliminar apps

This method is ideal for those who are one day looking at their iPhone and get it (soon) in strange lands and ancient, full of applications that they had forgotten they ever downloaded. If you find yourself with an application of these and think: “why the hell I still have this thing stuck here, occupying memory and bothering you?”, we tell you that you can get rid of it even before you finish thinking.

Step 1: Tap and hold the icon of the application that you want to get rid. Keep the thumb or finger directly on the icon for about two seconds, until it becomes active and starts shaking. Here is where many iPhone users are confused, and this is because the iPhones newer (iPhone 6s or later) respond differently to the touch screens of iPhones older. The new touch-screens are compatible with 3D Touch, so you can differentiate between pushing with strength the icon and press more gently. If you press too —which is a natural reaction— you’ll open the quick Actions menu for the application, which can be frustrating when it happens for the fifth consecutive time. Therefore: remember to place your thumb or finger gently over the icon, and expects to begin to shake.

Step 2: When the application is shaking, it will show an “X” in the upper left corner of the icon. You must tap the “X” to delete the application. The “X” is quite small, so it is a work of fingering delicate: take your time, and hold firm to your phone. When you press the “X”, the iPhone will remind you that when you delete the application, it also will wipe your data. Tap “Delete” and it will disappear. With a little practice, you can get rid of the applications annoying in just a few seconds. This will also remove the information contained in the application, but will not cancel any subscription you have through them (your HBO subscription will still be active without the application, for example).

eliminar apps

Do these steps didn’t work? Sometimes, when people try to remove a single application, they can “move it”, but can’t find the option to delete it. Don’t worry! This only means that you must modify your configuration. Go to the icon “Settings” (ruedilla gear) and slide down to find “Restrictions”. Here you will find an option called “Delete applications”. Make sure it is turned on, with the slider in the color green. Now you should be able to return to the home screen, highlight an application and have the option of deleting it.

Review and delete all your old applications

Do you want to delete several applications, quickly and a single at the same time? Of course there is a way to do it!

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and look for the “General” section at the top of the list. Select it.

Step 2: In “General”, look for “Storage of the iPhone.” The names used for these settings change slightly in the different versions of iOS, but still should be easy to find in “Use”, in “Storage and backup”, or a similar name.

Step 3: This should display a list of all the applications that you currently have. Any application that selections will take you to a small screen of the app shows what data the application uses, and show you options that are very clear “Delete application” or “Remove application”. Choose “Remove application” and then confirm. This allows you to move quickly through your list of applications, in place to explore them, one by one, doing the bulk delete is much easier. Ah: and if you choose “Remove (Offload) application”, iOS will delete the application, but will preserve your documents and data.

How to hide built-in apps of Apple

eliminar apps

Some iOS applications, known as integrated applications, are included in the iPhone since the beginning and are related to the main services, such as Contacts, Mail, News, Notes, iBooks, Facetime, Weather, Tips, Stocks and other more.

You can’t permanently delete these apps, but yes you can hide them. Press and hold the icon until it starts shaking, and then press the “X”. This will remove the app as you would with the other, with the proviso that the data and the capabilities of the application will be kept on your iPhone (To remove Contacts will not be deleted, all your contacts, etc). On the other hand, you can always re-download these apps and to restore them through the App Store, if that is what you want.

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*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on December 20, 2018.

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