Laptops gaming 13-inch surprise at IFA, 2019, and are amazing

If you purchase a standard laptop, like a Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Pro 13-inch, probably you assume that it will not be possible to play the titles that are more demanding. Although there are many laptops that provide an excellent graphic performance for video games, not all, want to load a 15-inch screen. But in IFA 2019, that is changing with the laptops gaming 13-inch.

Thanks to the graphic chips Iris Plus Intel and the new mobile cards from Nvidia, any laptop 13 inch-finally, you will have options to provide better performance. That is great news.

Board / integrated graphics cards perform with demanding games

Laptops gaming de 13 pulgadas

Most of the laptops do not include discrete graphics cards, so they use the thing that was integrated in Intel processors. That is not good. But with the processors Intel Lake Ice of the tenth generation, there is a new option: the chips integrated graphics Iris Plus.

Processors Ice Lake with chips, Iris Plus offers truly impressive power for systems without a graphics processing unit (GPU) dedicated.

According to the manufacturer, provide an improvement of up to 1.8 times the graphics performance compared to their integrated solutions of last generation, which makes it possible to enjoy games at 1080p, such as the sports, and the same thing happens with some titles of action and MMO (online multiplayer), if you are willing to reduce a bit the configuration.

Although it is not standard, the positive thing is that all the laptops with the Ice Lake now, at least, have this option.

Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13

One of the best examples is the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook ™ 2-in-1. It is a laptop stylish and highly portable, as you usually see in a coffee shop or at a design studio. But thanks to Iris Plus, you’ll be able to play without problems Overwatch or Fortnite.

Unfortunately, the list of portable Ice Lake is fairly small for now, but will continue to grow until 2020. Many laptops new launched at IFA 2019 used processors Comet Lake of Intel, that do not offer Iris Plus. But even in these we are also seeing significant progress.

Discrete graphics in all parts

Razer Blade Stealth-13

The MX250 Nvidia is not necessarily a chip for gaming high power. But as is more common, provides an improvement in the graphics performance for laptops of 13 and 14 inches. It is currently by all parties.

It is in the recently updated Lenovo IdeaPad S540, that could eventually compete with the Dell XPS 13 or the MacBook Air. With the same diminutive form, a screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and the new graphic chips MX250, professionals, that like to play in their free time they might have a new love.

The same thing happens with the Acer Swift 5 netbook, which now also comes with an option for MX250.

But, the good news for the graphics cards do not end there, because in addition, we are seeing the first releases of laptops thin 13-inch that use discrete graphics cards on the level of the powerful GTX.

Razer was the first this year to present a portable 13-inch with the GTX 1650 in your new Blade Stealth. It is a graphic chip superior to the GTX 1050 Ti-popular on the latest generation of laptops for basic games, with frame rates between 10 and 40 percent higher on some titles. It is a chip common in laptops of 15 inch the XPS 15, but not in a thin 13-inch as the Razer Blade Stealth. This shows that is opening new paths.

We have not yet done thorough testing with the new Blade Stealth, but until the moment it is the gaming laptop 13 inch the more capable we used. Probably won’t be the last of its kind, which is more exciting. Can we see a XPS 13 with a GTX 1650 to the future? What such a Surface Laptop with a card MX250? The doors are open, and the day that all laptops have access to graphic chips reasonably able to could be closer.

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