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iPhone 11 Pro: this is really the flagship model of Apple

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The keynote went like a hurricane and left me, once more, thoughtfully. Apple had not responded to the expectations placed or, better said, he had not responded to our forecasts: neither innovative design nor infinite screen, or reverse load charge… How is that possible? The giant gave back to the innovations presented by their rivals and continued to follow his particular path without looking back or to the side: Apple is Apple and not accountable to anyone except their customers, which pampers with a passion. So the things and being a user of an iPhone XR, my head began to think about the following: what offset to make the jump to one of the new models?

Recall that the manufacturer submitted two iPhone: the 11 and the 11 Pro, this, in turn, in two screen sizes (5.8-and 6.5-inch); we could say that the iPhone 11 is a XR updated, improved processor and cameras, but at a glance it is the same phone. We would say that Apple has applied to its classic and predictable evolution of their phones: using the same chassis, applies the internal improvements enough to take advantage of the cycles of renewal in the market. You can’t take advantage of more resources, nor the economies of scale. As a sign, coming from an iPhone XR there was no justification possible of a possible change to the iPhone 11. But… what about towards the iPhone 11 Pro?

The first incursions in the personal assessment that I went through to analyze the comparative advantages of the iPhone 11 Pro and Apple had done that work for me, summarizing clearly the advantages of this equipment: camera, screen and battery, although as we will see later, there are more. Do you liked this new phone? Although it is not very dependable, always use the ‘thermometer’ of the Apple Store and stocks: at the beginning, there were availability in shops and online, but in a few hours, the lead times are stretching. After two or three days, because you couldn’t choose a model in physical store (in a radius of about 500 kilometres in Spain) and, after this time, the stock is finished. Wow, it seems that yes she liked…

What is seen, what is not seen

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

So, the coin fell on the side that I was afraid and in the end I bought the iPhone 11 Pro, discarding the Max Pro, a decision that later (I think) I regretted it. With the terminal already in hand, we can’t stop talking about how simple is the transition from an iPhone to another: if you’ve done it before, you know that the new iPhone detects the old and if you use iCloud for backups, in a few minutes you see yourself using the new phone without any kind of inconvenience. And it is, with the iPhone 11 Pro in the hand, where they begin the sensations sweet and sour: the experience of use is unbeatable, as then I will deal with, but turning around the device, and except for the lenses, it has invariably the sense of always having the same iPhone. Eye, because of this that many may see as a drawback, it is actually a solid win for the Apple: not lost nor an iota in the experience of use.

In what sections is the perceived change?

With the iPhone 11 Pro it is almost impossible to take a bad picture.


Go ahead that I consider myself a complete ignorant in the matter and since the iPhone XR, for my needs, I took a few stills of a quality that surpassed my expectations. This ignorance, in reality, it is an advantage also because the Cupertino served with this model to two user profiles: the mine, the amateur enthusiast, and the “professional”, or one who appreciates a level of photography that are higher than average. Why is this data important? Because with the iPhone 11 Pro it is almost impossible to take a bad picture and that is the best analysis that can be done from a camera in a phone, and this phrase is not free.

If one is an absolute pagan in the field of photography, as is my case, you will see extended the possibilities of use of the iPhone in this field, with the spectacular “night Mode” and some photos with the popular bokeh the Portrait mode that simply leave you speechless. Apple has done an admirable job in the part of the hardware (despite the questionable tripofobia), but it is still more striking the effort made in regard to the software. With the camera on the iPhone 11 Pro, and after a gentle learning curve, with a single finger you can choose the modes at the time of shooting, and the editing is just as simple, knowing, also, that shot under any condition, will result in a picture flawless. And I assure you that I’ve tried all kinds of “evils” in this field.

Screen and battery

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The screen is exceptional and under any condition of light.

The camera of the iPhone 11 Pro is already, in itself, a unique selling point for this model of phone, but Apple reminded us that the screen was also exceptional, and in fact, it has been rated by DisplayMate as the best in the market at this time. And it was true. Although the camera was not, for my needs, an argument for change, the screen itself because I longed to go back to the OLED and sharpness of colors. The screen is exceptional and under any condition of light, and they say that is in part responsible for the other great argument of sales of the iPhone 11 Pro: your inexhaustible battery. Personally, I have not noticed a dramatic improvement on the iPhone XP, but is that the battery was already exceptional.

Is it worth the iPhone 11 Pro?

With the iPhone I always have the feeling that something is happening: you’ll never regret the purchase of a higher model. All in all, this is a very high price for a few improvements at the highest level, which for many will be excessive: that is, with the iPhone 11 (and even, with the iPhone XR) the performance and experience of use are already outstanding. But if you can afford it and want to give you a good whim, the iPhone 11 Pro in all of its flavors will leave you impressed by its exceptional performance. If you want a simile culinary, the iPhone 11 is the equivalent of a great restaurant while the iPhone 11 Pro elevates the category to a Michelin star.

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