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iPhone 11 is a target of criticism for breach of privacy

After the publicity that Apple has been doing on the basis of respect for the privacy of its users, this week gave a news which has puzzled many. Brian Krebs, a researcher specializing in security, discovered that the iPhone 11 have a function of location that simply can’t be turned off.

In an article he published in his blog, the expert said: “One of the behaviors most curious of the new iPhone 11 Pro from Apple is seeking an intermittent manner the location information of the user, even when all the applications and services of the phone system are configured individually to never request these data.” The only way to turn off all the location services is precisely this: completely disable the location system of the phone.

As a response, an engineer of Apple wrote to Krebs, saying that the company does not see any security risk in this. “It is an expected behavior that the icon for the Location Services appears in the status bar when Location Services are turned on. The icon appears for system services that cannot be deactivated from the settings”, he explained.

There are some who have the theory that this phenomenon has to do with Apple services that do not yet enter into force, as the Apple Tags (a few tracking devices that will help you to locate any type of object in case of theft or loss) or a function that will enable you to find your phone if it is turned off.

The company, for its part, stated later to the portal TechCrunch that this is related to ultra wide band: “The technology of ultra-wideband is an industry standard and is subject to international regulations that require that you turn it off in certain places. The operating system iOS uses Location Services to help you determine if an iPhone is located at any of these places prohibited to disable ultra-wideband, and so obey the rules”. Apple added that no data is sent to their servers.

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