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INTERVIEW – LG passes of the flexible displays and folding… of time and short-term

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that if the Huawei Mate X… The war for launching (we hope that either definitely) the first smartphone with flexible display and folding to the market has begun and everything suggests that little by little the big producers, iran by climbing aboard this train. As you know, renew or die, right?

Well, for the moment, and in the short term, LG is not in that point or consider that to be one of the battles that must be waged. Likewise, confirmed to Digital Trends in Spanish Helena Devantares, marketing manager-smartphones LG, in an interview at IFA 2019.

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Helena Devantares, marketing manager-smartphones LG, at IFA 2019.

LG has presented in the framework of this technology show your new LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen, which will arrive in Spain at the end of 2019 with a price below €1,000 euros. And, taking advantage of this meeting, Devantares we have advanced a little the strategy of LG for the 2020 and 2021.

“Our strategic vision is that the Dual Secreen or double screen embodying these years to the new family of devices for its usability. Is the answer of LG to multi-tasking and multi-screen,” he says.

For LG the main benefit of Dual Screen is that you can remove and put according to the time and the decision of the user, to the contrary of what occurs with the flexible screens and widespread that they are launching other brands.

Yes, Devantares is aware of that, still, the Dual Screen has a considerable thickness (something that has already been reduced in this second generation which was launched with the V50), and that also increases the weight of the phone. “We will go on innovating to make the second screen as thin as possible”, details about it.

But, at the same time, insists that it is still a great option for users. “We believe in the dual screen or Dual Screen because it is something that the user already can have today. What we want is to bring innovation to adapt to the people to improve your life with the latest technology, that is to say, to innovate with respect, and we will keep this line over time,” says Devantares.

By this, the latest LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen comes already with the night mode, a video mode with improved quality, will be updated to Android 10 to offer all its benefits to the users and, although it doesn’t have a telephoto lens, the company has focused, to counteract, to give a great resolution of 32MP in the camera selfie and improve the photo mode of the phone to offer more quality.

lg g8x thinq dual screen ifa 2019 hdrpl
The LG G8X ThinQ with Dual Screen / Photo: Estefania Oliver (DTES)

Because, as he confesses Devantares, after a bit of sin in the past of wanting to innovate at a feverish pace, the focus of the company is “to offer a real technology and practice”. However, remember that LG “is number one on OLED, so that we can make a folding screen, but we’re not going to launch a technology that is not already tested that really works. We will without haste, but without pause,” he explains.

And, on the other hand, regarding the technology 5G -not yet widespread – and given that LG has already released a compatible phone with this fast network, the LG V50, Devantares explains that the company will continue to be committed to the network 5G, and the next year are scheduled, launches with 4G and 5G dual screen or Dual Screen.

That is the roadmap in the short term from the signature south Korean.

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