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In allusion to the Cybertruck, Lego presents their own version of the “shock-proof”

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Go to the Cybertruck is still calling the attention of all, both of some customers, who quickly went on to book the vehicle, as the competition: Ford indicated that the recent test made between the vehicle of Elon Musk and the F-150, in which the latter proved victorious, was not fair. Now, Lego comes out to the ring to present a kind of competition for the Cybertruck.

It seems that the toy company was inspired by the futuristic car of Tesla, whose start of production is expected by the end of 2021, to submit your own version. In a publication in social networks, Lego stated: “The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shock-proof”.

Obviously, this is a joke on the part of the Danish firm, as the structure of your vehicle is not more than one of their renowned blocks, in a sort of white tone, with four wheels. What is certain is that these objects, which are joined to one another to form all kinds of figures, they are very resistant.

Musk justified resistance

In the presentation of the Cybertruck, on Friday, 22nd November, Musk boasted that the van windows were “unbreakable”. In the event during the event, Franz von Holzhausen, creative director of Tesla Motors, he threw a sphere of much metal in the window of the driver and in the passenger rear, which caused both to break, to the surprise of all.

Musk, in a kind of justification, referred to the previous shots of the director against the panel of the driver’s door and shook the structure of the windows.

With respect to a fair test between the Cybertruck and F-150, requested by Sunny Mandra, executive of Ford, who is also the co-founder of SpaceX agreed to carry it out, although you would not be willing to tread the ground of your competition for the same.

In the count of the Musk on his Twitter account, it is understood that 250 thousand people have reserved the new truck and Tesla (the 24 of November, the figure was 200 thousand). How many people will be inspired to create your own Cybertruck in legos?

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