Impressions of the dark video game Mosaic of Raw Fury

Mosaic presents a gloomy world that is not so far removed from our society.

Raw Fury presented a demo playable of Mosaic during E3 2019, a new title that tells a story of a very particular through elements that go beyond the reality of the protagonist. Between the middle of a convention that had as its featured titles, open world, Rpg ambitious and more remasterizaciones coming to Nintendo Switch, Mosaic stood out among all with a new aesthetic and more messages about the society that we live in today.

There are several graphic adventures going around, but the genre has evolved with time. Telltale Games was a study that brought new items, and many other developers have been busy bringing their own style. In the case of Mosaic, this is reflected in the incredible visual effects, mixing the mundane life of the protagonist with moments of surreal that occur in your head.

In this title, the world is grey in every sense. The color palette shows a city grim and cold, where the sun is just a supply of light that goes and comes with no power or presence to the streets. The protagonist, a man who is always wearing clothes of office, wakes up in his room after having a dream, probably one of their only moments of escape from the monotony of his life. The first thing you do is take your smartphone and check pending messages. Then on to the kitchen to open the fridge, but there’s just a carton of milk inside. Using your phone, add the information of your finances in the moment, taking on more debt to available balance. Takes his umbrella and goes out. Begins another day like the previous one, and probably equal to the one that follows.

The way of controlling the character is quite familiar, being able to go to any part of the scenarios, and interacting with objects of interest, either sit on a couch and take a few coins that were there spins or to see outside through a window. But, as we talked with the developers who joined us during the demo, it looks for the player to explore on their own. Each time you take the opposite direction of what the game expects us to do, it is very likely that we will be rewarded for our curiosity.

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There were several moments like that in our time with Mosaic. The first was to see the protagonist get lost in the landscape outside a window, looking out at the sun for a few seconds and going to be floating close to the same. Then, when we left the building and began our way to our place of work, we take a different route where we got to see a kitten stuck in a tree, while another shrieked from below, almost like a cry for help.

We approached and we were able to get it back, going to be in our arms while acariciábamos. At the time to let it go, along with his partner, the protagonist, he spotted something in the background: they were demolishing buildings in the back yard. From one aspect playable during the scene, we who detonábamos each load of explosives until there was nothing left in the place. There is always a dark contrast accompanying each moment of peace or happiness for the character.

There is always a dark contrast accompanying each moment of peace or happiness for the character.

The time that it was more present was when the actor fixed his gaze on a buttery yellow color that was on the street in front of him. There we pass to control it freely, flying over while the character staring at her from a background. Dodge truck wheels and other objects for the peaceful moment where we olvidábamos of the shadiness of the world. This was short-lived: the butterfly was swallowed by a duct of ventilation, and only left their remains floating in the air.

Something very particular Mosaic is the use of your smartphone, which you can use at any time, even if you’re walking. There you will receive text messages and brings new applications throughout the game, but the most interesting is without a doubt, BlipBlop, a mini-game is essentially a clicker. To make a tap on the screen, you’ll start to collect blops, and the more you get, the more tools you will get to increase the amount of them that you get with each click.

Mosaic shows what attached we are with smartphones

Such as other video games of the style, it gets quite addictive, but it’s funny to see it from the context of the game. For a few moments before you leave the department or as we walked down by the elevator, they gave us for taking our phone and play for a few seconds. And when we did the same thing while we were walking, several times we collide with people coming in the opposite direction, or we missed a landscape in the background that was waiting for us. It is part of what the developers want to show, and the fixation that you have with mobile phones today.

Such as other video games of the style, it gets quite addictive.

By the way, this mini game not only exists in the video game. You can also access it free of charge for iOS and Android, including tables of score on iOS to compete with other players. Why so attached to stay you to him or not, will show what a Mosaic would like to portray in your original world.

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