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If you have one of these smart tvs will no longer be able to see Netflix

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Bad news for those who use a smart tv to connect to Netflix. Some users of the streaming service will no longer be able to see series, movies and favorite programs in their devices from 1 December.

It is mainly some tvs Samsung, but also include the TVs that have the Roku first generation, as well as some tvs of the brand Vizio, and Sharp. Samsung attributed the elimination of Netflix-specific device to “technical limitations”, which means that the smart tvs of the older will not have the ability to connect to the latest updates and features from Netflix.

“In the future, Netflix may still be seen from many other devices able to connect to your tv,” said Samsung in its announcement. That is to say, if you have one of the smart tvs that no longer will be able to stream Netflix, the company says that you’ll still be able to see the streaming service via gaming consoles, media players or streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

However, if you have a model of previous generation Roku, you will also lose your ability to access Netflix starting in December. Digital Trends has been able to confirm this information directly from a spokesman of Roku, which is also cited as a main reason for the technical limitations.

“Netflix will no longer be available in players Roku older after December 1, 2019. These devices include models Roku 2050X, Roku 2100X, Roku 2000C, Roku HD Player, Roku SD Player, Roku XR Player, Roku XD Player”, told us via e-mail. These models are among the first generation, some of which made their debut in 2009.

Take into account that the devices can still run hundreds of other channels, so that they won’t be completely useless. However, Netflix remains one of the main drivers of purchases of Roku.

Conscious of its dependence of Netflix, Roku has been actively working on new features, partnerships and revenue models to reduce it. For example, Roku Channel acts as a hub or centre to find content from dozens of channels, including premium features like HBO and Showtime. Also, the menu option call Featured Free, part of the software OS 9.2 Roku, takes viewers to movies and shows free with ads that generate advertising revenue. In addition, the addition recently announced the app’s streaming service Apple TV Plus, which is already available and at a lower price than the competition, will isolate you even more to Roku of the ups and downs associated with its relationship with Netflix.

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