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Ice cream in two minutes with this innovation seen at CES 2021

One of the purposes we have given to technology is to make our lives easier or more comfortable. And this trend, of course, also considers the field of food.

On many occasions we would like to prepare different foods that we find on the street from the comfort of our home. The problem is that sometimes we don't have the energy or the time to do them ourselves. So we turn to technology.

Inspired by the increasingly popular machines for brewing coffee from capsules, at CES 2021 the ColdSnap was just introduced.

It is a modern machine capable of preparing ice cream from capsules in just two minutes.

How does it work?

The ColdSnap makes individual servings of ice cream and frozen drinks. The device accepts ColdSnap capsules at room temperature, then freezes them and dispenses the contents of those capsules in less than 120 seconds.

Fortunately, for the most comfortable, no preparation is required and the machine does not need to be cleaned.

The good news is that the ColdSnap doesn't just make ice cream, it has a long list of products as part of the preparations it offers, such as frozen yogurt, frozen smoothies, iced coffee, frozen cocktails, and slushies. Everything quickly and easily.

The image shows the new ColdSnap, capable of preparing ice cream in 2 minutes.

The bad thing is that you will need a good place in your kitchen, since this device does not take up little space, neither do its capsules.

At the moment it is unknown when this ice cream machine will be available or what its price will be in the market.

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