I forget the dog robot! Boston Dynamics created now a cheetah robot

What is more terrifying than a cheetah (known as Cheetah in English), one of the big cat’s most stunning nature? A robot cheetah, of course. And, what is more terrifying than a robot cheetah? A cheetah robot that goes back.

This is the latest creation from the geniuses of robotics (diabolically brilliant) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Clearly, following the example of the example of the robot Atlas from Boston Dynamics, the researchers at MIT have developed a robot “Mini Cheetah” which is able to perform some maneuvers athletic dazzling.

Although its weight of 20 pounds makes it a little more diminutive than the real animal of more than 100 pounds in which it is based, the robot from MIT is impressive. According to its creators, is capable of jogging on rough terrain at speeds approximately two times faster than the speed of walking of an average person. In addition to their large piece of the party with backward movement, you can also scroll to the sides and back, rotate your body while you move, jump, roll your shoulders, and even jump on the leaves like a puppy very excited.

cheetah robot boston dynamics mini

However, one of its most impressive features seems also to be the most bad when it is displayed in the video of the MIT. While the cheetah-bot can cope with easily a kick and a shove, when it hits, it is able to climb easily to his feet. This is a skill that is crucial if a robot like this were used in a scenario in the real world, such as performing inspection tasks, surveillance or rescue missions.

This is not the only robot cheetah that Boston Dynamics has developed. As its name suggests, Mini Cheetah has an older brother. The robot Cheetah 3 MIT can jump and gallop around a rugged terrain, climb stairs, full of debris, skip terribly on desktops and recover its balance when it is pulled or pushed.

It is not known if MIT plans to market the Mini Cheetah, although there are other robots on four legs in the market (or soon to come to market) if you’re interested.

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