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How to use the Reminders app of iOS 13 to keep your tasks for the day

With the Dark Mode, the Swipe Type or the new form for login, the iOS 13 is full of innovative features. But don’t let that eclipse the improvements made to existing features, such as application Reminders. It was disappointing, because it lacked basic features, but today is totally different. The revamped Reminders app of iOS 13 it is something that Apple can be proud of and here we will explain to you how to use it.

App Recordatorios de iOS 13

How to create a reminder

While we have much to discuss on the Reminders app of iOS 13, it would not serve anything if you don’t know what central: how to create a task. To do this, you must open the application, select Reminders, located below the header Lists, and tap New Reminder, in the lower left corner. Enter the message that you want to set as reminder, tap Enter on the keyboard and ready.

Add time, location, or contact

However, add a reminder to “buy bread” or “pay the bills” would only be useful if you look at the list of pending tasks. It will always be easier if your phone gives you a little help in a certain time or when you are in specific place. To add a time or location, select the task and then tap the blue “i” to open the options.

If you would like to receive a reminder at a certain time, it activates the selector to Remind me in a day and complete the options of Alarm or Remind me at the time. You can even set it to repeat periodically, if it is a recurring task. To add a place, select Remind me at a location and choose the specific point where you want to receive the reminder.

Finally, if the activity is related to a specific person, the Reminders app of iOS 13 can recordártela when you send a message. Simply select the option to Remind me when you send message and choose the contact.

Siri can do it for you

Nor is it necessary that you enter in to the Reminders app, every time you add a task. Siri can do it for you. Just say “Hey, Siri”, then ask you to create this activity, followed by the details. You can also ask that you remember in a moment or specific place.

Add subtasks

You can also add sub-tasks to more complex projects. To do this, go to the task, and tap the blue “i” to open it. Then, scroll down until you find Subtasks. Select this option and tap Add reminder to add a subtask. You can add all you need.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll find the subtasks underneath the reminder main. You’ll be able to complete them separately, by touching the blue “i” and adding locations, hours or contacts for each of the activities.

Notifications Today

You’ve probably noticed there is a new home page in the Reminders. However, there is a feature extremely useful that is hidden at first glance.

By default, the Reminders app will give you a touch when you have pending tasks during the day. However, you can set whether you want to do and when. To modify it, go to the application Settings and tap Reminders. From there, you can change the time of the Notification of Today or simply turn it off. Jan this section you can also change the default List of tasks.

Create a list

It is easy to get carried away by the Reminders app, making a note of any detail. Before you know it, you’ve filled out the application, birthday notifications for the payment of taxes or the medicine you should take. But do not worry, to not confuse you, you can organize all those tasks into lists.

To create a list, open the Reminders app of iOS 13, and tap Add to list in the bottom right. You can choose from a variety of colors and logos to differentiate them. When you’re finished, press Done in the top right corner.

To add tasks and reminders to a list, select My lists. To add an existing activity, find it, select it and then tap the blue “i” to open your options. Scroll down and tap List, then select where you want to add it.

If you have trouble finding an activity, remember that the start page of the application has a search bar which will help.

Add a list to a group

Finally, you can add similar lists to a general group. What you need to do this? You may want to create a list for birthdays and another for anniversaries, but group them in a group called “important Dates”.

Creating a group is easy. From the home page of Reminders, tap Edit in the top right corner. Then tap Add group on the bottom left. Assign a name and select the lists you want to group. Then press Ready. To change which lists are in the group, tap Edit, the blue “i” next to the group, and then add or delete lists with the option to Include.

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