How to unlock the skin of Deadpool in Fortnite

The second season of Fortnite is here, along with the most recent collaboration between Epic Games and Disney. After the crossovers with Avengers and Star Wars, the most recent is none other than Deadpool. Do you want to know how to unlock the skin of Deadpool? The skin officer of this mercenary largemouth is available to the fans… but not in the way you expect.

The skin of Deadpool can’t be bought

El escondite secreto de Deadpool en Fortnite

Unlike almost all other skins of crossovers in the history of Fortnite, you can’t buy the suit of Deadpool. In place of this, you have to unlock it, ganándotelo through various challenges.

The situation is similar to that of the Fortbytes of the season X. the players will have to wait patiently to unlock this skin. Because of this, we recommend you check each week to see what new challenges are available and to know how to complete them.

Although you can’t purchase directly the skin of Deadpool, you will need to buy the pass to battle to have access to some of the missions each week. Players who do not have the season pass premium does not be able to make this skin.

Where is the hiding place of Deadpool

Sala de agentes secretos en Fortnite

The challenges weekly Deadpool are hidden and you can only find them inside of their secret hideout. This place is what you will find if you go to the tab of the pass of battle from the main lobby. This will take you to the room of secret agents; there click on the ventilation duct on the right side of the room, as shown above in the screenshot.

This will take you to the secret hideout of Deadpool, which is nothing more than a hidden bathroom.

Challenges of Deadpool of the week 1: Find the letter of Deadpool

Cómo desbloquear la skin de Deadpool en Fortnite

There are a couple of missions of Deadpool available in the first week of the season 2. You can access them through the computer in his hideout. These are the challenges for week 1:

  • Find the letter from Deadpool to Epic Games
  • Don’t thank the bus driver

Both goals of the week 1 are fairly simple. The first is to find the letter that Deadpool wrote to Epic Games. This letter is in the same room as the computer, lying on the ground on the left side. Simply interacts with the computer to complete the first part.

The second challenge is a little cruel. What you have to do is to not thank the bus driver for his work. Go to any game of Battle Royale; jumps out of the bus when you want, but don’t thank the driver. Basically, don’t do anything besides jumping and automatically you will have to comply with this objective.

Although the skin is not unlocked until late in the season, you will receive immediate rewards for completing these tasks in week 1. The reward this week is a banner of Deadpool.

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