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How to troubleshoot the most common problems of Google Home

Designed to help control a variety of smart devices and Google services in your life, Google Home works in a similar way to the Amazon Echo, except, of course, with things Google. Although the Home is an ingenious product and a voice assistant to be promising, not everything always goes as expected. For this reason, we have prepared a list of some of the most common problems with Google Home, along with some tips to make things right.

Google Home

1 – I can Not keep it connected to my Wifi network

  • Check and make sure that the microphone of the Home is switched on, as that could have been turned off accidentally. It will also help you to check the indicator light located on the speaker; four lights means that the microphone is off. To turn the microphone, use the button on the back of the speaker.
  • If the speaker is enabled, but still does not seem to respond, it verifies your physical location. Is there any chance of noise interference? The dishwasher, the vents and another series of noises can keep your Home listen to you properly. If so, try moving to a quiet area and see if it works better.
  • Google Home recently learned to recognize multiple users. To take advantage of this feature, open the application Google Home, select the card that says Multi-user is available. (If you don’t see, tap the icon in the upper right corner to view all of your connected services). Click on Link your account, then repeats short phrases such as “OK Google” and “Hey, Google” to teach him to recognize your voice. Repeat as many times as necessary for up to six different accounts.

2 – ignores Me and doesn’t respond to my voice

  • Check and make sure that the microphone is turned on. Verify light located on the speaker: four lights means that the microphone is off. The activation of the microphone is performed with the button on the back of the speaker. If the speaker is turned on, it will verify the physical placement of the Home. Is there any chance of noise interference? If so, try moving to a quieter area and see if it works better.

3 – My voice commands also activate my phone, laptop and other devices

  • There’s not much you can do to avoid this. However, we suggest to change the trigger phrase or “word active” for each device. The phrase default “Ok Google” makes the Home, and other devices, Google listen. Although you can change the phrase on your phone or browser, “OK, Google” is the only message to activate the Home. To change the message, you need to go to the device and install the extension Open Mic +, which adds the ability to change the phrase from “OK Google” and it can be set up as “OK, Jarvis”.

4 – I can Not add events or reminders to my calendar with Home

  • Wait a bit. This is one of those rare cases in which Google launched a skill page without having first completed their add-on software. In the paper, the design of the device allows you to complete a calendar using voice commands (like Echo), but this does not work exactly as advertised, at least, not yet. The Home does not access to calendars or reminders, although it does have the ability to inform users about them. We hope that Google will add the option in a later update. For now, owners will have to enter these things manually.
  • Also keep in mind that, for now, the Startup only works with a calendar. We mean that in the sense that it only works with a default calendar, as you can now have six different accounts linked to the device. If you have a Google calendar called Work, still will not send reminders or events.

5 – Google Play Music stops suddenly

  • This is a known issue not only with the service is proprietary of Google, but also with streaming platforms like Spotify.
  • After making sure that the Home is up to date, the best option is to restart the device and see if the music sounds as it should. In the application, select the boot device, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and then choose Settings. In the page Settings, select More , and tap Restart. If this sounds like too much work, just disconnect the Home and leave it alone for about a minute before re-plugging it back in and reconnect it. However, this is not a guaranteed workaround and may continue to not work. Google is actively working on this problem, and it is likely that future updates solved.

6 – I ask questions, but a few times knows something

  • Try unplugging the Home, wait a minute and re-plug it back in. You may also require a reboot. If this does not work, verify that the Home is connected to a Google account with the location selected. Make sure that the Google account is able to answer questions related to schedules, flights, and other selected items.
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7 – Google does not recognize the correct location of my house

  • Sometimes, Google Home is not very good at even identifying a home. To try to fix it, open the app, tap the left top button to access the additional settings. Choose More options, go to Options of your Google account and select personal Information. Then, choose Locations, and you put an address to see if it is able to locate it.

8 – Responds to the chance, although don’t talk

  • Is away from televisions, radios and other sources of vibration. Place it on a surface that is more resistant to see if it helps.

9 – it Just says that something is wrong, and “try again in few minutes”

  • This problem is probably due to the network connectivity of a residence. The Home you are trying to connect to the Internet, but does not respond or takes too long. If other smart devices in your home do not work, check if the Internet works well, before you completely restarted the router in your home.
  • If the Internet works fine on other devices, try restarting the Home. Suggest a complete restart, which requires to disconnect the device completely and wait a minute before re-plugging it back in. If this does not work, please contact the Support of Google and explained the problem. Taking into account that this can require to get in detail information of IP, it is always better to have someone to help you at this stage.

*Updated October 8, 2019 for Daniel Matus.

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