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How to shield and properly protect your Alexa Amazon

Did you know that your device Alexa is always listening? By the same do you enterarías if a hacker has accessed your device? Do you know what information you are storing your Echo? And is that not only it is good to protect your computer or phone, but you should also follow some steps to improve security and protect your privacy when using the devices Alexa Amazon. Choose a secure password and use a pin for purchases of voice are just a few examples of security measures that you can adopt.

Clears the voice commands daily

Echo Dot

On the same day that Amazon introduced the Echo Show 5, also announced a new feature of privacy that allows users to delete all of your recordings from your device Alexa during a specific day.

If you say, “Alexa, delete everything that I said today,” your device with Alexa deleted voice recordings on a daily, and if you carry out this action each night before going to bed, you’ll make sure you leave no trace of your recordings to Alexa.

To delete the history of voice commands by Alexa

Even if you review and delete your recordings every night, it is possible to still keep a record of recordings of the past (prior to when you begin to eliminate them on a daily basis).

To delete the historic recordings go to the app Alexa rank and select Settings > Account Alexa > History and then review and delete all recordings in the past.

Turn off camera and microphone when you’re not using the device

Micrófono Echo

Many people are concerned about being the victim of the attack of the hacker and access to all that listen to their respective Echo, or even worse, someone may be looked them in through a device Echo that has with camera. You can minimize this risk by turning off the microphone if you’re not going to use your Echo. Simply press the on / off button on the microphone located in the top of the device and Alexa will no longer listen to.

You can turn off the camera in all the devices Alexa use your voice (for example, “Alexa, turn off the camera”), or you can go to Settings > device Options and then disable the option to Enable camera.

In the models Echo with newer screen, as the Echo Show 5, Amazon went a step further and included a shutter of the physical camera with which you can hide the lens of the camera with a physical element. This was done to soothe fears that the methods of digital privacy may be overwritten, and also because of the designed devices Echo new intended for areas that are more private as the bedroom.

Be careful where you place your devices on Alexa

Amazon Echo

Avoid placing your Echo near a window or in a place of easy access from the outside of your home; in addition to reducing the risk that someone gains access to your Echo from the outside, you also reduce the risk of people outside your home listen to your phone calls, and other interactions with Alexa.

Change your word activation

Amazon Echo

Change the word activation of a word that you rarely use in a conversation and make sure that your word startup not sound too similar to other words that you use frequently in conversations. This way, if you have a friend called Alexis, Alexa does not begin to record your conversations when you say the name of your friend.

To change your word activation, you can simply say, “Alexa, change the word activation” or you can go to the application Alexa and go to Devices > select your device> select Word activation > select a new word from activation of the list> then select OK.

Use a secure password on Amazon and two-factor authentication

Amazon seguridad

Sometimes we forget that the devices Alexa are protected by the password of Amazon. If someone has your password for Amazon, you have access to your recordings from Alexa and other intelligent devices such as security systems and cameras, your daily routine and the ability to make purchases.

A study conducted by the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) in the United Kingdom analyzed the public databases of accounts hacked and discovered that 23.2 million accounts around the world used the password “123456”. If you are using a password unsafe or repeating it in several accounts, it is very advisable to think about to increase the security of your password.

Increases the security of the wireless network

Router Netgear

A secure home network is also key to protect your devices Alexa and other connected devices. This happens by having a password-secured network, avoid the use of default passwords, avoid giving your password to friends and neighbors (employs a network of “guest” in their place) and use two-factor authentication when possible.

Manages the connections of smart devices


Alexa can connect to your connected devices throughout your home; in fact, it is one of the best wizards of voice to give commands to these smart devices. But all of this compatibility with the smart home also entails certain some security problems: Alexa receives data on your smart devices and the way they are used in your home.

Fortunately, as with the voice commands from Alexa, is there a way to delete this history of connections of your device. Just sign in to your Amazon account, go to Manage your content and devices and select Manage history of household devices smart. Here you will see an option to delete the history of your devices with one button only.

Set up a pin for purchases using voice

Cajas Amazon

One concern that many people had with the devices Alexa was that the children could buy accidentally thousands of dollars in products taking the family to bankruptcy, meeting with lots of boxes from Amazon in their living rooms.

What is certain is that for this disgrace to take place you should be shopping for voice “enabled,” and a payment method for one click set up, it is therefore a good idea to take extra precautions and add a code to confirm the purchase. This requires the buyer to say a confirmation code of four digits prior to making any purchase through the voice. To configure this code opens the application Alexa and go to Settings > Account Alexa > Purchases of voice. When you enable the purchases of voice gives you the option of setting up a code of purchase.

Read the privacy policies and adjust your privacy settings

Privacidad Amazon

Amazon publishes information about its security practices, terms of use and privacy policies. Review this information to fully understand the privacy and security Alexa, and what type of concerns you should have.

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