How to recover an Outlook email sent to you without wanting to

Do you arrepentiste send an e-mail to your co-worker? The scenario might have been worse if you had sent the whole office, including your boss. But don’t worry too much, as you can still retrieve e-mail Outlook and to reverse that shameful moment.

Te explicamos cómo recuperar un correo electrónico Outlook enviado sin querer
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In fact, many platforms of electronic mails providing people with the ability to retrieve these emails after sending them. In this guide, we will teach you exactly how to retrieve an email in Outlook, the well-known platform for electronic messaging of Microsoft.

How User Gmail? Here we’ll explain how to do the same thing in the mail from Google.

Steps to recover emails from Outlook

Step 1: open your folder to Sent Items and look for the email you want to recover. Should be at the top of the list. Double-click to open it completely.

Step 2: check the top of the window, and make sure you are on the tab Message. Then, look for the drop-down menu that says Actions. Must be next to the option Rules and Move, in the task bar.

Step 3: click Actions, and then click recall This Message.

Note: you will need an Exchange account for this option to be available. Also keep in mind that some administrators may block this option, depending on your organization or work.

Step 4: you should now see the recovery window, which allows you to choose between simply delete the copies are not read from the message or replace it by a new message that contains the appropriate information. You also have the option to receive a report on whether this recovery has been successful or has failed. Made the appropriate selections in function of your situation and then select Ok.

If you deleted the message, congratulations! Just to avoid that someone or some read an e-mail embarrassing. If you want to replace it, then continue with Step 5.

Step 5: if you create a message replacement, Outlook will take you to a new compose screen. Simply select Send when you are ready to begin the process of recovery.

Note: if you are sending a message of recovery, do not disappear —exactly— your previous email. And to remove effectively the original message, the recipient must first open the message of recovery. It is for this reason that it may be a good idea to put “URGENT” or something similar in the title of your message of recovery, making sure that it will open before the other email.

Why is the recovery of a mail does not always work?

Begin the process of recovery does not mean that it will work the way we wanted to. With the current speed of the Internet (unless you live in a very secluded area), probably the e-mail’s embarrassing already be waiting to be read in the inbox of someone, so that creates a series of problems. These are the factors that can cancel out the recovery or, at least, make it more complicated.

  • Open the email: basically, if a recipient opens your email, because you will not be able to recover it. The recipient can still receive the message of recovery and keep in mind that you really wanted to delete that first e-mail, but the mail embarrassing it will remain in your system Outlook anyway. When a mail is opened, all the recovery options are disabled. This is the main reason why they must act quickly.
  • Redirected to other folders: if your first message has triggered a filter and was redirected to a folder that is not inbox, your recovery will fail. In a nutshell, the recovery option can only be made with the emails remain in the inbox of the receiver.
  • Public folders: public folders can complicate things also, because if someone reads your first email, your recovery will not be possible. No matter what the recipient, or what account login label email as read: it will be too late.
  • Applications e-mail additional: the recovery function is designed to work with Outlook. If you are sending the mail to someone who uses Gmail, for example, do not expect that the recovery option to work.
  • Mobile applications: if you use the Exchange ActiveSync settings for Outlook on mobile devices, then the recovery option also might not work. This seems to us a failure, yes, and Microsoft should address this issue with the time, but the mobile devices work differently. The solutions that you have given work in desktop computers.

Yes, it seems that there are too many “buts” in this small and useful feature. If none of this works for you, there are still a couple of things you could do:

Solution 1: write an apology. In addition to (always, always) make sure and double-check your emails before you send them, this is the simplest solution to the problem. If you sent an email to the person/people wrong/s —and has not been something too ghastly— often it is better to save time, swallowing saliva, and quickly write a note of apology. In most cases, this works and you can stop to worry about it.

Solution 2: delay or delayed the sending of your emails. If you are somewhat clumsy with your fingers, or you’re always busy replying to, and forwarding e-mails with confidential information, you should consider the possibility of delaying the sending of your emails. You can do this by going to File, selecting Manage Rules and Alerts and choosing New Rule. Start from a Blank Rule , and ignores the conditions for all the e-mails are covered. Then, in Step 1, select Defer the sending for several minutes. If you delay a few minutes, you’ll be able to realize a much more efficient way when you make a mistake and you’ll be to time to fix it.

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If this whole process you has tormented you, you can always use an email address as a disposable or temporary.

*Updated 20 December 2019 by Rodrigo Orellana.

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