How to record gameplays on Xbox One to remember played memorable

Know how to record gameplays on Xbox One is a skill that all players should know, especially because sharing the highlights of the game has become an integral part of the current landscape of gamers. Fortunately, the last generation of consoles makes it easier than ever to capture and transmit images, even without any additional equipment. How to prepare for a match in Killer Instinct? Or maybe you’re getting ready to defeat a hard opponent in your last role-playing game? Either way, you’re going to want to know how to record gameplays on Xbox One and we are here to help you.

How to record gameplays on Xbox One

Not always know when this will occur your best moments during the game, so Xbox One it has a useful buffer that records the last five minutes and that gives you many opportunities to capture the moments more amazing.

However, the interface of the Xbox One only allows you to capture a sequence of the game itself, so if you need to record menus, you will need to use a capture card external.

Press the button of the Xbox

If you want to share a play that you just experience, simply press the button Xbox in the top center of the control. This will open a guide. At the bottom of the screen, to the right, you’ll find some options that include taking a screen capture and record images and adjust the capture options.

Press y to take a screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot, the greater part of the work is already done. In the moment that you press the Xbox button on your control, already took a screen capture of the image on your screen and all you have to do to save it is press And.

Press the X button to share a move of the recent

If you want to share a move of recent, simply press X and your Xbox One automatically captures the last 30 seconds that you have saved in the buffer. This is the default time for a video, enough for most of the plays featured, especially in moments like the dramatic end of Street Fighter.

Press the View button to capture

Presiona el botón Ver para capturar un gameplay en Xbox One

The View button is the small key circular located on the D-pad of your Xbox. If you press while you are in the guide screen, you’ll have more options for taking screenshots. These options include to record the next game and save a clip of a different length than the standard buffer.

When you select to Record from now on will start a capture that you can end it manually by first pressing the Xbox button and then X.

To record longer videos

According to the Xbox support , you can record up 10 minutes per occasion in the internal storage of the Xbox One, depending on the resolution of the images and the amount of space available on your hard disk. If you connect an external hard disk, you can extend the amount of time of continuous recording for up to an hour.

To change the location of saved videos or to change the resolution, go to the guide and select Settings, then Emission and capture, or simply navigate to the tab with the symbol of Satellite. You can select Advanced to go to a display of more detailed settings, which includes several options for resolution, such as 720p.

On the Xbox One X we were able to record for 5 minutes by selecting a resolution of 720p instead of the 1080p default, which has a limit of 2 minutes. This screen also allows you to capture 4K in HDR, but the shorter length is permitted in this resolution makes it a less than favorable to share your moves.

How to view and export your records

También puedes exportar tus gameplays en Xbox One

If you already know how to record gameplays on Xbox One, not less important is to be able to see these plays and, by the way, and export them.

To see the capture, press and hold the Xbox button when the notification blue to confirm that the recording has been saved. From this place, you can see your clip, upload it to Xbox Live or Microsoft OneDrive (if it is configured and linked to your Xbox account), delete it or go to the section Manage all of the saved game. When you select Edit, you’ll get sent to the free app Upload Studio to Microsoft or to the store if you have not downloaded.

Puedes compartir en tus redes las jugadas de Xbox One

To view the logs of your game at any time, press the Xbox button to open the guide, select Settings, then Emission and capture (or navigate to the tab with the symbol Satellite), and finally to Catch recent. In this screen, you’ll see a chronological list of all plays captured recently.

Puedes ver una lista cronológica de todas  las jugadas capturadas recientemente.

You can also manage all of your clips by selecting View all at the bottom. Here you can also delete, sort, or share video clips to your Feed, Xbox Clubs, a Twitter account, or your OneDrive.

Share videos from a mobile application Xbox

Cómo grabar gameplays en Xbox One

Obviously know how to record to record gameplays on Xbox One is not enough if we cannot boast about them. Thanks to a recent update of the mobile application Xbox on iOS and Android, you can also share any video or screenshot you have taken directly on your social networks, including Twitter, or save them in your phone.

To do so, go to your screenshots via the mobile app and tap the symbol to share (a box with an arrow) directly under the log that you want to share. Then you will see the option to share it on the network of your choice or save it. You may need to change the privacy settings of your phone and your Microsoft account to have the proper permissions.

If you already know how to record gameplays on Xbox One, you may also wish to learn to record your best moves on the PS4 of Sony.

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