How to play Fortnite on Mac and get the best experience

The Fortnite is not a game exclusive for Android and Windows. Nowadays, you can even play Fortnite on a Mac without problems and to an amazing quality, possibly better than anyone else.

However, we know that the start can be hard. Many people have stated that trying to use this game for the first time a Mac has had some problems, probably because they have not made the optimal settings, or do not have the necessary specifications. But quiet, which then we teach you step-by-step how to play the Provided on Mac to squeeze out the most of the experience of the game.


jugar al Fortnite en Mac

To download Fortnite on your Mac, visit the site of Epic Games and starts the download process from your Mac. Select the Play button Free, and when you give them the option, choose the download PC/Mac. This will download the file EpicInstaller, you have to run to start the process. Drag the icon of Epic Games to the Applications folder and confirm the opening of the Launcher if your Mac asks if you’re sure. The download will start instantly.

Now Epic you are prompted to log in with your account. When you log on select the green button to Install. When your Mac asks you where you want to save Fortnite, a good alternative is to leave it to download in program files. You also need to keep selected the automatic Update option for Fortnite to catch up with all the news. Let the game finish downloading, and select Start when you’re ready to start playing.


jugar al Fortnite en Mac

The next thing you need to know is what specifications requires Fortnite when running on a Mac. Epic provides information on both the minimum requirements -the basic level of functionality – as well as over the recommended requirements, that provide a gaming experience more optimal. If you have a limited budget or you have a Mac old, can you are interested in the minimum requirements, which are:

  • Intel Iris Pro 5200
  • Processor Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

However, to get the best and most competitive gaming experience, it is ideal to search for the recommended settings, which will help the game run faster and without problems. When possible, make sure you have these specifications (or better):

  • AMD Radeon HD 7870 GPU (DX11 equivalent)
  • Processor Core i5 2.8 GHz
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • MacOS Sierra 10.13.6 (although the last MacOS brings to the experience better highly recommended)


jugar al Fortnite en Mac

When you start the game, Fortnite will automatically detect your hardware and perform some of the recommended configurations. It is a good starting point, but it is likely you want to manually adjust a number of settings related to the graphics quality and performance. Adjusting these settings can help your Mac to run Fortnite faster, but it can also make the game more difficult to play. Here are some configuration options that you have to take into account.

Screen resolution: the Mac computers modern have screens over 1080p. However, it is likely that you want to keep the 1080p resolution for the best framing in the image. You’ll want to try to come as close as possible to 60 FPS, but if more than 30 is already enough playable to at least have a little fun.

Presets quality: you can choose between Low, Medium, High, and Epic (or Auto, but want more control than that). Starts Low, as this will give you the highest amount of FPS (images per second) as possible. If you notice that your Mac is running on the low setting without problems, try to upload to media and check how your game experience. If the game is still very fluid, you can try to further increase the settings to get the most out of your performance.

Vsync: in most cases, you’ll want to have Vsync enabled to reduce the amount of failures are visually impaired (specifically the split screen effect screen tearing). However, if you find that you are costing too much performance, it is possible that you will have to do without him.

Remember that the quality of the game may change with time. Things will improve, but the patches also introduce new problems. As mentioned above, the performance of Fortnite on the Mac has improved significantly between 2018 and 2019, thanks to the new updates and compatibility. However, as we have seen with the previous updates, sometimes new versions can also introduce errors that create crashes or slowdowns. These errors are corrected with time, so that, if possible, or restores the update, or have patience and wait for it to correct the situation.


jugar al Fortnite en Mac

What specific models of Mac are ideal for Fortnite and which ones will have problems? Let’s look at two separate cases, the playing on a laptop and play games on a desktop computer.

On a MacBook: if you’re playing on a laptop, you need the latest specs for the game to be more fluid, otherwise it will go very wrong. We strongly recommend that you use the MacBook Pro to play Fortnite, and that you stick to the models that went on sale in 2016 or recently. The most recent models of the MacBook Pro increases the performance considerably.

Also we suggest the 15-inch model. This version updates the integrated graphics to a GPU-independent, the awesome Vega, 20, which gives a significant boost to your game. Other laptops Mac with the GPU integrated they will not be as smooth.

On a desktop: an iMac can handle Fortnite long as it’s one with an option of separate graphics. No matter how good it is to see your iMac, if you are running Intel graphics integrated standard, not going to work well in the games. In addition, for compatibility reasons, you should look for a model launched in 2016 or, more recently, to obtain the best results. The same thing happens with the Mac mini, which does not include separate charts.

There is an important warning for Macs: to run Fortnite, these have to be support Metal. This is a technology that coordinates the tasks between the CPU and the GPU in Macs, and Fortnite requires to function properly. Metal was introduced in OS X El Capitan, so while you have upgraded the software on your Mac in the last two years, it should work perfectly.

In general, any MacBook that came out to the sale in 2015 or after will have Metal. All models Air or Pro had Metal already in 2012 and also later. Models iMac have Metal since 2012, and the Mac Pro have it since the end of 2013. If your Mac does not have Metal, Fortnite is not really an option until you update.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on 03 October 2019.

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