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How to listen to and clear conversations with Alexa

Attendees of voice, as Alexa, can be incredibly popular, but they are also new technologies and, therefore, pose some great questions to users. One of those issues is how to process and store the voice commands and the related conversations. Devices with Alexa, for example, store the recordings of your command history. These data are saved in the cloud services of Amazon and do not disappear by themselves. And the truth is that it makes some people uncomfortable, especially those who are sensitive to your privacy or are concerned about the use of these recordings. The good news is that, then, we will explain how to delete conversations with Alexa and a record of your recordings whenever you want.


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You see the application Alexa that you use to control your device. You’re probably on a mobile device and you see the icon is light blue with a white circle. Open the app and sign in with the password of your Amazon account if it is necessary. If you’ve never used your app of Alexa before, or if it has been a long time since I used it, Alexa can first run a quick setup procedure. This only takes about a minute or less.

When you get to the home screen, look in the upper left corner and select the icon that looks like dashed lines or the main Menu. Look down to the bottom of the menu and choose the option that says Settings.

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From here, look at the top of the new menu and select ‘ Account by Alexa. This will take you to another menu. At the bottom you should see an option that says Privacy to Alexa. Select this to begin.


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The Privacy section of Alexa will give you several different options to review the confidential information that Alexa has collected. You may want to spend some time here.

But for this particular task, you’ll have to go Review the history of voice. This will open a new screen with all of your conversations to Alexa recorded.

At the top of the screen you will see an option to change the range of dates. You can choose options to see the command today, yesterday, etc, until you see all your history.

If you really want to review all of your recordings, you must choose All history. This will display all your conversations with Alexa, when it occurred and on what device.


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As you go through your recordings, you’ll notice that some have the text of your conversations, such as “Alexa, what’s going to snow today?” But other records say: “ – Text not available: the audio was not designed for Alexa”.

Ls recordings happen when Alexa is still listening for a second after responding to your question, or if the close conversation sound like if someone were to say, “Alexa”, but the voice assistant then determines that no one was really talking about. You can click on these recordings to play them back and see what are if you’re curious.

To the left of each recording, you will see a check box. Select the check box of each record you want to delete. Then go to the top and select Delete selected recordings to eliminate them all.


If you don’t want to use up some of your time to review all of your recordings or if you really don’t care what they say, you can also delete them all without looking review.

Just looking at the top of the menu to Review the history of voices and select Delete all recordings from all over the history.

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You can also delete the full history of your computer without having to go into the app Alexa. Just go to the site Administration your content and devices Amazon and make sure you’re on the Devices tab.

Here you can see all the devices connected to this Amazon account. You select a device “Alexa” and then look under the name of the device to see an option that says Delete voice recordings. You select this option, and Amazon will open a warning screen quick. Choose Delete and you’ll get a message that says: your application has Been received for disposal.

Oh and everything is ready!


Delete recordings from Alexa is an important part of your privacy. We understand, therefore, you don’t want your recordings and conversations with Alexa are in the cloud.

However, there is one important caveat that you should know before you delete your messages: Alexa uses these recordings to help improve the accuracy of its functions of listening. In other words, the more you talk with Alexa, the more intelligent it will recognize your voice and understand what you’re saying.

When you delete all the recordings, they will get rid of the “memory” of Alexa, so the wizard of the Amazon may have more trouble recognizing your commands. It is a small price that you pay, but it is worth to know.

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