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How to hack a NES Classic Edition to add more than 700 games

The NES Classic Edition is again in short supply. For the second time, Nintendo ceased production of this mini console retro and it seems that now definitely. Even if it comes includes 30 of the best NES games, including masterpieces such as Super Mario Bros. 3, also age. But fear not. We will explain you how to hack a NES Classic Edition so that you can add more games and continue to enjoy it.

The device is essentially a small computer that is running an emulator, a program that mimics the software in a console. With some adjustments, you can add any game. You will not have to do much to “piratearla”. Some fans have developed programs that allow you to load games from a computer, so learn how to hack a NES Classic Edition is not a complex process.

However, you need to have a caution. While it is not illegal to modify your NES or download a program such as the one we use in our example, you will need a digital copy of the game that you want to install. These are normally archived as a ROM, so that they are protected by the copyright law. If you wish to purchase ROM, there are several popular sites that allow you to do this, although you should also be careful about the possibility of downloading illegal material.

If you want to venture, here, we’ll explain you how to hack a NES Classic Edition so that you can expand your library of games. Yes, to install them you will need a program such as Hakchi, that will be the one that we will use in this guide.

Simple steps

Cómo hackear una NES Classic Edition

Step 1: connect your NES Classic via a USB cable to a PC with Windows.

Step 2: download the latest version of Hakchi from your web site. It will come as a ZIP file. If you have Windows 10, simply right-click on the file and select Extract all. Otherwise, you will need to use a program such as WinZIP or 7-Zip.

Step 3: once you have extracted the program Hakchi, execute it.

Step 4: the program will open a window. Click on the button to Synchronize selected games with NES Mini.

Step 5: the program will ask you to download the original image of the kernel. Tap Yes.

Step 6: Hakchi will give you some instructions to continue. Verifies that the NES Classic is off by checking the button of Ignition and that the device is connected using a USB cable to the PC.

Step 7: then press the button Reset. Hold Reset and press the button of Power. Then, release the reset button.

Step 8: in Hakchi, click on the button that asks to install drivers.

Step 9: once the program is finished downloading the kernel, again tap Sync selected games with NES Mini.

Step 10: when prompted, click Yes to start upgrading the custom kernel. Once the process completes, tap on Ok and you will be able to begin uploading games.

Step 11: once you have the game files on your computer, select button to Add more games in Hakchi. Select the files you wish to add and press Ok.
Step 12: once you have added all the games you want, tap Sync . That is all!

If you are wondering what games to add to your NES Classic, check our list with the best games for this console.

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