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How to download YouTube videos to iPhone for viewing when you want to

What ever happened to you that you want to show a video very good YouTube to a friend, but removed it the night before and never again you see? This can be prevented. Although it is more or less a challenge, you can download YouTube videos to iPhone for viewing when you want, even if you’re not online. From the own subscription of YouTube until some third-party applications, there are several ways to save your favorite YouTube on your iPhone (from 6S), or in the iPad Pro, Air or Mini, to see them where you want, when you want. We will show you some of the easiest methods to download and convert content from YouTube in MP4, video.

Some techniques require you to use your Mac and/or iTunes in conjunction with your device.


YouTube has a subscription service that allows you to download videos in your phone for $16 dollars a month. The downloaded videos can be resolution to something low (up to 360p), but at least you’ll be able to see them, instead of never re-find. That way, even if the owner deletes that video, you’ll be able to continue seeing him. You can try it for free for a month.


There are numerous applications, both free as paid, which you can use to download videos from YouTube. We chose ClipGrab, which has no cost, as an example, but there are many downloaders or converters of video that will transport material from YouTube to your desktop, and the following steps will work the same way.

  • After you download and open ClipGrab, write key words in the search bar of the app to find the videos you want to save.
  • Choose one of the results and use the dropdown menu to convert it to MP4 format for viewing on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Make your selection and then click Grab This Clip.
  • The application will put a video on your desktop and then you’ll have two options to continue: iTunes or AirDrop.


  • AirDrop is the simplest way to save a short video on your iPhone; simply click with the right mouse button on the icon of video on your desktop and choose Share > Airdrop.
  • Make sure you enable AirDrop, both on the desktop and in the control Center of your iPhone. You don’t need a wired connection between the Mac and the iPhone.
  • Click on the icon of AirDrop or drag the icon of the video until the icon of AirDrop on the Mac, and the file will be sent directly to your Reel of Photos for you to see it when you want.


descargar videos de youtube en iphone itunes 13 768x768
  • Use a USB cable to Lightning to connect your iPhone with your Mac.
  • Click on the device icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window.
  • Use File > Add to Library to import the video to the tab of videos.
  • With the box Sync Videos selected, click on the button Synchronize.
  • Using the app of Apple TV on your iPhone to find your video under Library > Home-made Videos.


From iOS 11, launched in 2017, you can record the screen of your iPhone or iPad and any thing that is playing on it, including YouTube videos. This simple method is absolutely free.

  • Open YouTube and search your favorite video.
  • Change the orientation to landscape.
  • In the Control Center swipe up and tap the button to Record (the circle within a circle).
  • Wait while the video is being played, and then tap to stop recording when you’re finished.
  • The video will be recorded and stored in your Reel.


This method requires an application called Documents, a combination of file manager and media player which you can download on your iPhone.

  • Use the mobile app of iTunes to search for the video you want to save and press and hold the URL to copy it.
  • Open Documents and choose to the browser
  • Tap and hold to paste the URL in the window.
  • You will see a preview of the video, quality settings, and a button to Download which will download and store your video in the Downloads folder of the application.
  • From there you can save the video, rename it, pass it to your camera roll or share it by mail or as you want.

A tip: if possible, please use Wifi when downloading videos, because they can be large, and you finish your data – unless, of course, that your plan is unlimited. If the videos consume too much space in your iPhone, download versions of lower quality and pásalos of your phone to another storage type after you see them.


To download a creation of YouTube is the right thing or not, depends entirely on the intention of those who raised it. While some people or companies that upload videos to the platform just want to share their content, others do it to generate profits. Many videographers get part of the revenue from ads, in addition to that, YouTube also pays its expenses with that money. When you download and play videos offline, the part of the payment disappears from the transaction and the video because it does not generate any income for its creator or the platform. In which case, you should not download a video with commercial intentions or for mass distribution; just to see him in a personal way. That way you avoid most of the ethical issues and violations to the rights of the author.

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