How to connect the AirPods to the MacBook without getting lost in the attempt to

You’ve purchased a few AirPods and you have a MacBook and I would love to see them work together but you’re not sure how to set them up… The good news is that the AirPods have a process of connection is fairly intuitive, but despite this, you will need to know what options you have to activate the process. We show you how to connect the AirPods to the MacBook.

When the AirPods are paired with your iPhone

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Are you trying to pair some AirPods with your Mac that were already paired with your iPhone? It is possible and in fact, it is so much easier than trying to connect a new pair of AirPods. The key is that your iPhone needs to be connected to the same iCloud account as the Mac, with the same Apple ID, of course. For most, this will not be a problem, but if you share your iPhone with someone else at home or you need a different account to work on your Mac, this option may not be possible.

Step 1: place the AirPods in your ears, turn both devices on and turn on the Mac.

Step 2: when you boot up the Mac, take a look to the menu bar at the top right of the screen, where you can see all the connections and configurations are active for the team. One of them will be the settings of Bluetooth, which reach thanks to the small Bluetooth icon. Select it.

Step 3: look for the name of your AirPods in the drop-down list. Usually appear as the AirPods of your name. If you see them, that means that your Mac has already recognized the AirPods; select them and then try to play something. You should hear a high beep and clear when you connect the AirPods, followed by the sounds of MacOS that you choose. Don’t need additional settings!

How to connect the AirPods to the MacBook when they are new

If your AirPods have still not been connected to any Apple device, the configuration process for the MacBook will be a bit more complicated, but possible.

Step 1: hold the AirPods in your charging case. If you are not in the charging case, place them there. Turn on the Mac.

Step 2: Open the system Preferences from the Apple menu or the Dock and go to Bluetooth on your computer.

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Step 3: once in the Bluetooth, check to the left to make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on. It will probably be as well but it is important to check it out.

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Step 4: Open the housing of the AirPods and turn it to be able to see the back of it. There is a button in the lower central part of the case that is used for the configuration.

This button activates the Bluetooth so that it can be detected by nearby devices, in this case, the Mac. Press and hold this button configuration until the status light on the side flashes white.

Step 5: Now go back to the section of Bluetooth in your Mac. You should see that your AirPods appear in the list of devices. There will be a blue button next to them that makes you Connect, click on it. Verifies that the AirPods work.

Can’t you connect the AirPods to the MacBook?

Some people experience problems when they try to connect their AirPods and receive messages like “could Not connect to the device”. This usually indicates a connectivity problem, or that iCloud has been involved a little bit.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Go to the Bluetooth icon in the top right corner and select turn Off Bluetooth; wait a minute, then turn it back on and try again. Sometimes this is all you need to do to fix it.
  • Turn off both AirPods as the Mac, and then back on, first the Mac, then the AirPods. This gesture often resolves connectivity issues.
  • Do you have an iPhone/iPad connected to your account? Go to the section on Bluetooth in Settings on your iOS device and check that the AirPods are listed here. If so, select them and choose Forget this device. Now try to connect it to your Mac and then reconnect to the iPhone when necessary if this method works.

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