How to configure Microsoft Teams to change the background

If your company works with Microsoft Teams, probably use it as a tool for remote work or for quick meetings of team. You can be a more complex application that Zoom or Skype, and not all of its features are seen immediately, as the change fund. Wouldn’t you know that you can also do? Here we explain how to configure Microsoft Teams to change the background.

Change the background before a meeting

mujer en una videoconferencia con Microsoft Teams

What are you waiting to start a meeting? You can change the background now! This is what you do:

Step 1: open Background Effects. Before you join a video with the Microsoft Teams, you can easily see this icon to the right of the switch of the microphone. It looks like a little person sitting in front of a static background. If you do not see this option in your device, select Settings to view the article there.

Step 2: now you should open a new side window to the right of the screen where you can see all of the available funds. The first option, the symbol for “forbidden”, it will restore your screen to your real background if you want. The second option in the top is a blur effect, which uses artificial intelligence to blur the background and hide everything except the face. If you don’t have many preferences background and just want a bit of privacy (or simply hide the mess), enable the blur is a quick and easy way to change your background.

opciones para configurar Microsoft Teams con distintos fondos

Step 3: if you don’t like the look of the blue and you prefer to choose something more original, as you scroll down in the window of the Background Effects will show you all the images that you can put as a background. Many are just rooms basic white that will not cause any distraction, but there are also many scenes of nature and landscapes of fantasy. When you find one that you like, you can select the preview button at the bottom to see how it will look on your screen. Microsoft has announced that it will be able to add the ability to use your own images as the background but, for now, this is not possible.

Step 4: when you find a background you like, select Apply and it will change your background for your next meeting.

Change of the fund during a meeting

ventana para seleccionar show Effects Background en Microsoft TeamsIf you have already started a video meeting, don’t worry! You can still apply a background effect when you want to. It is a process a little different.

Step 1: look at the control bar from equipment on the screen. Has icons for the camera, the microphone, etc, click on the three dots to access more settings.

Step 2: when you see your additional settings, look for the option that says Show Background Effects. Select it. This will open the same window side of that we talk about in the instructions above.

Step 3: the same options are available now, including the blurring of the screen. However, as the video meeting has already begun, the preview button is more important than ever (especially if there are other people in the meeting). Using preview to cycle through the funds that you like until you find the right: thus you will avoid to change the backgrounds in your own video conferencing. When you find one that works, you select Apply to start using it.

Important note compatibility

If you’re following these instructions and don’t see any of the options that we discussed, may not be available to you. Make sure that your device is up to date and applies the updates to the teams if they are available. If you still can’t see any tool to change your background, it is possible that the capacity will not be available in your particular device, although you should have an option to delete your background (this feature was introduced in 2018). However, if you switch to an alternate device, such as a desktop computer, you should be able to access all the functions of the fund.

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