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How to change the coronavirus to the entertainment and the sport

Says a cliche staple of the entertainment world that “the show must go on” and never before in a historical moment, awash in places, common in the language, this precept better wine to entertainment, an industry hit tough by the coronavirus.

Of course, because there have been many film productions delayed (recordings and put in place), concerts cancelled, and major cinema halls and events are closed until further notice.
However, every crisis creates an opportunity, and it is there where the streaming platforms have led to the preferences.

In fact, a report by the Global Web Index indicates that the online videos were the most consumed in the generations Z (16-23 years old) and millennial (23-37 years), with preference of 51 and 41 percent, respectively.

In this landscape, there are two winners: Netflix and Disney Plus. By the side of the giant Cats, the growth of the platform recorded 15,77-million new subscribers, $5.8 billion (5,800 million) dollars in revenue, and $1.6 dollars of profit per share.

While studies of mouse Mickey achieved the figure of 50 million users in its first quarter of life.

Other platforms appear, as Quibi and his series experiment in vertical format and of very limited duration.

The absence of the cinema has returned time back to bring us an attraction of the 50’s: the autocines. In the united States, there are 350 of these establishments, but already provides for a larger aperture, and in Germany have already been awarded 43 radio frequencies for that purpose.

What does the future hold? Surely the industry of digital entertainment, will be consolidated, that is not a mystery either before or after the pandemic, the quarantine only has left out the more solid.

Cómo cambiará el coronavirus al entretenimiento y el deporte
Mohamed Hassan/ Pixabay

Possibly, and for a long time, we should get used to eating popcorn in our room or in the car. But history is cyclical and everything returns to its origins, so it is very likely that more early than late to return the t-shirts sweaty in a concert mass in a stadium or feel the sound of sneezing in the movie theater closed and dark. You will have spent the time and nobody is escandalizará for that.

The sport, as it never was

If there is a maximum that has been demonstrated as fully effective to prevent the infections in this pandemic (and, indeed, as the only measure that really works), it is the social distance. Keep a couple of meters of distance between the people is a new duty to humanity to achieve put at bay the pandemic, and the worst of the matter is that you have to be that way for a long time. How did this affect the sport?

It is a killing blow, as that we can forget to see stadiums full in games of football or basketball; the sport is shifting inevitably towards a show televised when it comes to mass events. But no doubt it will establish itself as an alternative will be e-sports, a great way to enjoy the competition without moving from the couch, and that is gaining more and more adepts. Although there is still the hope of finding a middle way, as to maintain the social distance (separating seats) and force the use of masks.

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