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Homeis, the application made by immigrants for immigrants

Thanks to the great technological advances not only has achieved a internet faster, a speaker that listens and responds, or the creation of dozens of social networks that allow you to communicate with that friend that you’re over 10,000 miles away, but, in addition, they have created several platforms that are intended to help dozens of communities less favored, either with the collection of money, supplies or education. And some of that is what you are doing Homeis.

Have you heard Homeis? If your answer is no, quiet, you’re not out of date, probably because it is something very new, as it only just premiered the first days of November.

Homeis is a digital platform very new that aims to help immigrants who are in the united States. What’s more interesting is that this platform has decided to start their practices with one of the largest immigrant communities in the country, which, moreover, is Spanish: the mexican immigrants.

The directors of Homeis ensure that, in the present, there is a community of more than 11 million mexican immigrants uninitiated in the U.S. and therefore, have decided to start with this great community that so needs it. But the big question is how do I help this platform to immigrant communities?

Through a free application, Homeis gives you access to the mexican community in the U.S. to seek the advice of with guides, tools, and comprehensive resources in Spanish so that they can grow and face the challenges that brings to emigrate.

In addition, this platform behaves like a social network for you to meet other people from your same country of origin and culture who are also immigrants in this country so that you can share with them, to talk and remember those traditions that both miss about your country of origin.

The application was built for immigrants, by immigrants. Although the co-founder and CEO of Homeis, Ran Harnevo, is not mexican, it ensures that you have lived in own flesh how hard it is to be an immigrant in the united States, when he arrived 11 years ago from his country of origin, Israel.

tech for change aplicacion homeis para inmigrantes download

Ran Harnevo, assured us that, mexican immigrants are a critical part of the united States and deserve attention and resources. “The new digital community Homeis, provides access to jobs and places to live, counseling to find immigration lawyers of confidence, and much more. It is also a social platform that the mexican immigrants can use to find other members of your community close,” said Harnevo.

Homeis is the first digital platform for immigrant communities around the world. Its official release was the 13th of November, however, the process of preparation and the various tests began to make two and half years ago. “For more than two years, we have been creating the app with hundreds of tests on how they would present the graphics, the buttons and all the information we provide, so that was easy to understand and above all, very useful,” said Harnevo.

The mexican community is not the only one….

Although the application was opened specifically for one of the communities of Spanish-speaking largest in the world, that does not mean that will be the only beneficiaries.

“The application is available in Spanish and with a special attention to the mexican immigrant community, however, in the coming months, we intend to expand this sector to immigrants from other countries such as Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela,” said Harnevo.

In addition, it is important to mention that not only does the app is available in English and Spanish, but can also be enjoyed in other languages, “Currently, Homeis is also available for immigrants who come from Israel, France and India (in their respective languages), however, at the moment not all tools are enabled. We have decided to start with the community of Mexico and soon to be developing slowly but surely, to the rest of the communities,” concluded the co-founder of Homeis.

Why start with the latino community?

According to the studies done by Homeis, mexican immigrants are a critical part of the U.S. and a group that deserves attention and resources. Today, mexican communities more large where you live the 26% of this population are also three of the cities in the most important of the country: Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.

It is also important to keep in mind that one of every four (25%) of all births in the united States are born to mothers of mexican, which means more than a million per year.

However, a greater number of mexican immigrants are uninsured compared with the general population born in foreign countries and in the united States, and the mexican immigrants have the lowest rate of English proficiency (33%).

According to the co-founder of Homeis, this platform will allow this community to find social support to the local and national level comprehensive resources and guidance in Spanish, and a social platform to cultivate their culture and community while living in this country.

Progress to 2020

To know a little more about the projects that have raised Homeis to 2020, we talked with Laura Arrazola Lievano, who is the Manager of Latin america at this platform.

Laura is from Colombia and she told us how, from the three months ago he moved to New York, where the headquarters of the offices of Homeis, to work with this platform full. “For me it has been an honor to be a part of this platform and be able to help so many immigrants like me who come lost to a country as large as the united States,” he told Laura.

“Within the dozens of latino communities that are the united States, we decided to begin with Mexico, because it is one of the largest, however, in the first four months of 2020 we hope to also cover the community of colombian immigrants in the united states, it is also quite large and then follow it up with Cuba and Venezuela,” we said Arrazola.

The voice of experience

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In addition to knowing the platform from the point of view of its creators, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the beneficiaries of Homeis, who belongs to the Latin community, but for privacy issues, it has been decided to keep her name in secret.

“One of the main benefits I have found with Homeis, is that I have been able to be in contact with many more mexicans with different experiences, but the same culture. I feel that it is a platform very useful because I have found from moving services, solutions to problems with the visa and even the best chilaquiles. I love that there are different groups for all kinds of people, and so I can be connected with people of the same city where I live, or other regions,” commented one of the participants of Homeis.

In addition, this part of Homeis assured us that you would recommend this application with “eyes closed”, because it has been very good for him, because that has helped to regulate their legal situation, finding that food and people are both strange and best, without having to invest a penny on the dollar.

The great objective of the platform

The co-founder and CEO of Homeis, assured us that this is just the beginning for this platform. “We started with the community of Mexico in the US, but our main goal is to be able to help and reach out to all immigrant communities of different languages and cultures, not only of the US, but around the world,” said Harnevo.

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Ran Harnevo commented that they expect to reach your numerical goal of $16 million dollars to be able to as well, invest in the best tools within the platforms, as well as, being able to pay for the work of experts of all nationalities who can advise them.

“Currently, the team is composed by mexicans, colombians, israelis, and africans, but the idea is that as we add more communities to the platform, also the same thing will happen with the team work,” said the CEO of Homeis. “Our great challenge is to be able to advise and help all immigrants in the world without having limitations of languages or cultures and we hope that little by little this could happen”

How to be part of Homeis?

Homeis is a free application that is available both for phones Android as with iOS. In addition, also you can use it directly in your computer as a page conventional.

Currently, it is available to mexican immigrants living in the U.S., and also for the people of Israel, India and France.

To join a community, each new user logs on and answers two simple questions are: in what country is it originally and where you live at that time?

The new user is immediately welcome to the community, a one stop shop for everything you need while living abroad. The platform also protects user privacy, does not share data with third parties and takes precautions to protect their customers ‘ personal information against misuse and unauthorized disclosure.

For more information visit the official website of Homeis.

Are you one of the thousands of immigrants who need help and guidance? Homeis could be the solution.

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