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Here you’ll find the best covers for the iPhone Xs

The iPhone XS Apple is an awesome phone with a gorgeous OLED screen and a metal and glass construction that is very elegant. Although the appearance was no doubt that a large part of the appeal, leave the phone uncovered could be risky. The glass may crack or scratch, the metal frame is prone to wear, and the repairs are costly.

In addition to protection, you may also want to mark your own personal style on your new iPhone or add some additional utility. Whatever your need or style, you could probably find something below. Here are some of the best covers and cases for the iPhone XS.


Casetify Impact Case

It is not necessary to leave of side the style for the protection if you opt for Impact of Casetify. This case is lightweight, is thin but has a special layer of a material called qiTech around the frame that absorbs the impact of falls and bumps, and offers protection against drops from up to two meters of height. The cover is bright and transparent, but it comes with a wide variety of decorative finishes different and you can even customize your own style with an image. The inner layer of buffer around the frame comes in black, white or pink. All the covers of the buttons and the openings you need are there, and the cut out for the camera is black to prevent any reflection of the flash.

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Case-Mate Street Smart Case

Few other companies have iPhone covers as beautiful and bright as those of Case-Mate. The collection, Street Smart has it all, from a sheen translucent to a cascade of glitter gold, or an elegant style mother-of-pearl. You can also choose purple flowers, patterns of points, and even an option of matte black. But e fact that these covers look fun does not mean that you withhold in the protection against falls, as the corners are padded to protect your iPhone XS against falls of up to three meters in height. The covered buttons made of metal add an extra touch of elegance, and each sleeve comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Incipio Stashback Case
With a new design, the series Stashback of Incipio is even more tempting for the owners of iPhone XS. The idea is to give you a space to hide your credit cards and your id, for that you don’t have to carry a wallet or a purse all the time. The area to store your belongings is cleverly hidden, and has space for up to three cards, or maybe you can use it for a card and some cash. The case has wide openings for easy access to the port, switch, and camera of the phone, along with covered buttons and a design of subtle style, in a black finish or navy blue.

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Totallee Thin Case

If you are a minimalist and don’t like the eartips, large, or complicated, these options are extra thin Totallee could be adjusted perfectly to your preferences. They are very light and have only about 0.02 inches thick, with cuts adjusted that offer easy access to everything you need in your phone. These covers are not going to provide much protection against drops, but at least it prevents scratches and minor blows. There is a wide selection of finishes ranging from black, grey or navy blue, to clear gloss, black or white.

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Nomad Rugged Leather Case

If you’re looking for luxe leather to give a touch of discreet style to your iPhone XS, then you should consider the goods of Nomad. These covers robust have been reduced in size in comparison with the previous versions, but still provide solid protection against drops. The finish of the leather Horween comes in black and brown, it feels great in the hand, and the material develops more character as it ages. Nomad also makes sleeves style sheet, but the leather cover is our best option.

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Mous Limitless 2.0 Case

With a style less elegant but more practical, the acoustic protection of this boot Mous have a system of air bags and a mix of polycarbonate and TPU, which ensures a protection against falling strong. The basic framework is very robust, covered with buttons, thick, openings accurate and a lip protection for the screen. The real attraction, however, is the range of finishes of rear panels that include carbon fiber, wood, leather shell and real. Are eye-catching and highly protective, which is a great combination in any protective case.

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