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Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron: what lunch box offers more quality?

Cooking three meals a day at home is a non-paid work and full-time. To save time in the kitchen, some people busy for food to bring, other seeking devices, such as pots, slow and cookers, and other test services lunch box: the comparative Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron are faced both so that you know which of the two is better in price, quality, taste, options of diet and shipping.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron

Price: between $7.49 to $10 per serving.

Options for people with limited diet: it offers vegetarian meals and includes three options of vegetarian recipes in the classic plan each week, so you can request a meal plan that is vegetarian. You can find some foods without gluten or dairy free (and are labeled conveniently), but Hello Fresh does not have plans specifically designed for customers with these dietary restrictions.

Quality and variety of food: Hello Fresh has a team of dietitians and chefs who create new recipes every week. They also include recipes in the “Hall of Fame” that the customers enjoyed in the past few weeks. The meals are generally healthy and nutritionally balanced and you have easy access to the nutritional information of any of the meals. But Hello Fresh does not offer a diet plan as Nutrisystem, but is more focused on good food in the weight loss or the diet. Customers have the option of choosing the smart plan of calories, including more healthy meals, which typically have around 650 calories.

Not all of their ingredients are organic, but they put emphasis on the use of quality ingredients.

Packaging and shipping: Hello Fresh assumes that customers already have salt, pepper, sugar, oil and butter on hand, so that they do not include those ingredients in the box of food. The company prepares and packages the ingredients for each meal in kits for individual and packaged refrigerated products with materials suitable for food (linings, gel packs and material to coolant) that keeps the ingredients fresh. Each meal also includes a card of the recipe with step by step instructions very simple, nutritional information and an ingredients list.

Hello Fresh charges $7 dollars for shipping, and the day of delivery to set a schedule that goes from 8 to.m. at 8 p. m. to receive the meals.

Flavor and preparation of the meals: the recipes that we tried (pork with balsamic figs and a bowl of rice noodles with beef) were very tasty and easy to prepare. It took us 38 minutes to prepare the recipe of pork and 32 minutes to prepare the noodles (including the reading of the recipe and preparing the kitchen with all the utensils and pans required).

Based on the reviews of the sites of Consumer Affairs and the social networks, the general consensus of customers is that the meals you know very well and the preparation is quite simple. However, there are different levels of foods, ranging from Level 1 up to Level 3. Meals of Level 1 are easy to prepare and use ingredients family, while the meals of Level 3 are using techniques and ingredients of cooking more advanced.

Advantages Hello Fresh

  • Tasty meals
  • Excellent packaging
  • Variety of recipes
  • Healthy meals
  • Vegetarian options
  • Smart options of calories
  • Excellent customer service and a strong focus in the feedback of the customers
  • You can skip weeks
  • Easy to cancel

Disadvantages Hello Fresh

  • Long-term delivery
  • The price is a bit high considering some of the meals
  • You have to pay for shipping
  • Not all ingredients are organic
  • There are not enough gluten-free meals, lactose-free, nut free and other for people with dietary restrictions.

Blue Apron

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Price: between $7.49 and $10 dollars per serving.

Options for people with limited dietary: Blue Apron offers a plan completely vegetarian. Is even starting to offer products Beyond Meat, such as veggie burgers. It also provides options for those who do not eat fish or red meat, for example. But you do not have meals or specific plans for people with food allergies. Yes, customers can choose the recipes that come in their boxes if they so wish.

Quality and variety of food: Blue Apron says on its website that it works with more than 100 family farms that use sustainable agricultural practices. Many of the ingredients are organic, but not all.

Blue Apron offers around six different meals to choose from each week, depending on the plan. Customers have access to nutritional information and allergies for every meal.

Packaging and shipping: Blue Apron uses linings coolants and thermal insulation for the package to help promote freshness and to maintain safe temperatures. The company also evaluates its containers regularly, making adjustments based on factors such as the weather conditions when it is appropriate.

In the box you get ingredients premedidos and labeled for each meal and guides of complete recipes include photos, nutrition information and step by step instructions. They assume that you have salt, pepper and olive oil at home, so those ingredients are not provided.

On the day of arrival of your shipment will depend on your area. It is possible to have different delivery options depending on where you are. The cost of shipping is free for the plan of four portions and to the plans of three recipes per week. The shipping cost is $8 dollars for the plans of two portions, and two recipes.

Flavor and preparation of the meals: we tried the risotto of broccoli with eggs and a recipe for salmon and vegetables. Both dishes were delicious. The risotto it took us 41 minutes to prepare and the salmon 39 minutes. We need a little more preparation for some of the ingredients, added a bit of extra time.

Blue Apron has positive reviews in general. While the majority of the customers enjoy Blue Apron, some complain about their packaging and how difficult it is to cancel it. Others express how much they like the food and the great thing is the customer service. The taste is the most favorable where prospers Blue Apron.

Advantages of Blue Apron

  • Exceptional taste (better than Hello Fresh, in our opinion)
  • Easy to prepare
  • Vegetarian options
  • Healthy options (teamed with Weight Watchers Reimagined to create healthy recipes for your plan Weight Watchers Freestyle)
  • A guarantee of freshness
  • Free shipping/included with some plans
  • You can skip weeks

Disadvantages Blue Apron

  • Difficulty to cancel the subscription (you have to send an e-mail to receive the instructions of cancellation)
  • Less variety
  • It is difficult to find food options for those with food allergies
  • The price is high for some of the meals
  • Long delivery times
  • The packaging could be better

And the winner is…

Our choice as the best lunch box is Blue Apron. Hello Fresh was conspicuous by its quality, ease of use, packaging, and ease of cancellation, Blue Apron had a superior taste and offered free shipping in the plans of larger meals. This made the total cost more low, and cheaper food and better taste is always better.

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