Hacking mass of ‘Words with Friends’ exposed millions of personal data

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A well-known hacker has claimed responsibility for a massive violation of data of the popular mobile game Words With Friends, saying that it has been able to steal the information from more than 218 million logins account and personal data associated with users. The pirate cyber, known as Gnosticplayers, told The Hacker News that the data come from iOS versions and Android of the game, and that will include everything from names and email addresses to passwords, telephone numbers and identification of Facebook.

Initially, the developer of Words With Friends, called Zynga, released a statement about a cyber-attack, but did not address the extent of the attack or the information put at risk. Simply devoted himself to reassure the players, stating that no thought had been agreed to with any financial information, but the login data of the account. In addition, he said that measures had been taken to protect the accounts of these users, and that after a more in-depth research, the players would be notified of any situation.

However, the severity of the attack has now been clarified after Gnosticplayers talk with The Hacker News. The sample data that was shared with the site included names, email addresses, login ID, passwords, hash, tokens, password reset, phone numbers, identification of Facebook and details of the account Zynga.

In addition to the attack on the app Words With Friends, Gnosticplayers claimed responsibility to hack into other seven million clear-text passwords for accounts of the game Draw Something, also Zynga, as well as the game OMGPOP, which is no longer available.

Who is affected by this attack?

The violation of data regarding the owners of accounts that have logged into Zynga games until 2 September 2019. Even more troubling than the hacking itself, is where they might end 218 million or more account details. Gnosticplayers been hacked with success dozens of other web sites during 2019, from MyFitnessPal to CoffeeMeetsBagel, and has sold the account details via the dark web. It is entirely possible for that to happen the same with the data from the last hack.

What should you do?

If you play Words With Friends or any of the other apps affected, what is the following step? As with all hacks, the best thing you can do is change your password immediately, and also do the same on any other site or service where it re-used the same information. In addition,it is always advisable to enable the verification of two steps, which adds an extra layer of security to some accounts.

For its part, developer Zynga has launched an investigation and says that it is working with professional teams, in addition to having been in contact with law enforcement about the attack.

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