Guide game Control: teach you to develop your powers

Guía de juego de Control

Control, the latest title from Remedy, is a shooting game in third person charged of disturbing adventures, which promises to put a thousand your heart with risky missions in changing environments. You will love, but it is not an easy game. To achieve success you will need supernatural abilities. Apart from the mods that you can apply to Jesse and his weapon, better skills allow you to increase several attributes using the points that you acquire through normal play. But, what you should spend these points? You what we have in this guide of game Control.

Explanation of the improvements of skills

Guía de juego de Control

The powers are developed through a skill tree. As you progress in the story and complete the key missions, you are awarded skill points that you can spend on upgrades to your stats. These are not the same as the mods, and they are tiered, which means that the fifth improvement that is obtained in a category can only be unlock after you unlock the first four. You can’t unlock new improvements of skills in all parts. Instead of this, you need to visit a control point, which acts as the destination of fast travel in Control.

Unlike the mods, you don’t need no other resource to create improvements in skills. This makes it a faster way to improve the capabilities of Jesse if you’re having problems in an area. However, the skill points are not particularly abundant. This means that you need to prioritize the improvements that you want, and get to know the best to focus on them. So it will be a whole lot easier.

There is another benefit to unlock the improvements of skills, and involves your mods. As you continue spending points, you fill a progress bar at the bottom of the upgrade page. The first level of unlocking will give you a slot in the form of additional weapon, while the two seconds added another point of mod staff. Please make sure you have some good mods ready for when you can equip them!

What better skills should you focus?

Guía de juego de Control

If you have a style of that specific game that you want to use in Control, you can customize the improvements of your skills to suit it. For our game, we focus on a mobile construction and aggressive that it rarely stayed in the same place for more than a few seconds. As well, certain improvements of abilities such as the Shield were not particularly useful. Below, we tell you the improvements of skills that you must unlock first to increase your chances of survival.

  • Health: each level unlocked gives you health total additional. The health improvements are vital in Control and you can remove a mod focused on the health if you have enough unlock here.
  • Energy: it is not so vital as the health, but is used for everything from evading to throw objects. Every little bit helps to defeat your enemies in the fights.
  • Launch: increases the amount of damage it causes your ability to launch. It is crucial to focus on this early, because that will allow you to kill enemies more weak without the need of your weapon as an attack of follow-up. An unlock option is also lets you launch missiles at the enemies.
  • Attack: increases the amount of time that an enemy will be under your control, and can alleviate the pressure of Jesse in a frantic struggle.

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