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Great ideas for recycling an Android phone and iOS

It’s been a decade since the launch of the first iPhone and, however, it seems as if smartphones and tablets have been with us always. With the smart technology improving by leaps and bounds, we could bet that even the most thrifty and careful we have updated and replaced some of these devices —at least— a couple of times during these years. But can you recycle a phone Android and iOS? Although you may not be in your plans to re-use your old phone once you’ve bought a new one, there is no need to save your old device in a drawer and not touching it. In reality, it has not been so long from your old phone or tablet were technically stunning, and despite the appearance and specifications obsolete, there are many good things that you can do yet with them. So, you do not have to waste the potential of a old device. These are some of the ideas for recycling an Android phone and iOs that will give.


There are many options of security cameras for the home, but why pay for a camera expensive when your old phone will work just as well? After all, what is a cámara of security , but a video camera with a connection to the network? Even the smart phones older have these features, so that a smart phone that you no longer use can be perfect for monitoring your property, take care of your baby from another room or watch your beloved pet while you work.

There are many applications that allow older phones to become in security cameras, but our favorite is Alfred. Available for iOS and Android, this application allows any phone connected to the Wifi network to transmit the images from your camera to any other connected phone that is connected to the same account. There is No limit on the amount of cameras that you can connect to a single account, and it supports automatic recording with motion detection, a filter for low light and a walkie-talkie two-way.

The service of Alfred are performed securely through a login account of Gmail, and although there are no limits on the free version, the transition to the paid version will remove ads and add hd recordings, storage of 30 days and zoom for only $4 per month. If you only want to put an end to the ads, you can make a single payment of $17 and hire Alfred Plus.

To make sure that your camera is safe all the time, we recommend that you invest in a phone holder is adjustable, so you can as well secure it in place and make sure not to drop it.


With devices like Chromecast of Google, Fire Stick from Amazon and smart tvs that allow us to send media from one device to other digitally, and with the devices of smart home, interconnected as Nest and Hue becoming increasingly common, to use an ancient device to keep your different means interconnected is an excellent idea. Better yet: set up a phone or tablet as a Smart home or center multimedia transmission is really easy.

If your device is a bit old and slow, it is best to start by deleting as many unnecessary applications as data possible. Then, go to the Google Play Store or iTunes to download the applications of transmission you need, along with the tools that use it: Google Home, the Amazon Fire TV Remote, Nest or other. Then, all you have to do is connect to the same Wifi network as your home devices smart, and it will be ready to control everything.

As an additional advantage, if your device comes equipped with an IR emitter —the Honor 8— then you can use it as a remote control for your TV with the correct application.


A phone or tablet old can be a fantastic alternative to a GPS tracker. Most phones with GPS do not need a data connection or phone signal to use it, so that is one of the few features that will work without Wifi and no SIM card, making your old device work as a GPS tracker more than decent.

In accordance, the relative power of the GPS tracker in your old phone may not be as good as the units that have been made specially, but your old phone will continue to work well enough. Start deleting the unnecessary applications. Then, you install some of the best navigation applications and download then the areas of maps that need to be made available offline. Finally, connect your old phone to a support car, bike or bag to take a walk, and voila: you’re ready to start your journey.

This idea comes with some caveats. Your device will still consume energy at the previous speed, especially if you use a high-precision GPS, and have their limits. In addition, it is important to make sure that your old phone may not be your only lifeline of navigation, especially if you are going to the desert or somewhere you don’t know completely. Always have some other alternative.


Books fr recipes used to have a special drawer in the kitchen, and although many of us still keep those copies bulky, in large measure, these have been being replaced by Google and repositories of recipes such as BBC Good Food or Yummly. A tablet or old phone large are ideal to make sure that you can follow your recipes without subjecting your main device to the rigors of culinary life, including a few fingers with flour and a smoky ambiance.

An easy way to configure a device, more old as a kitchen assistant is to invest in some support (for easier visibility), and set the visibility of your screen to the maximum possible time. On an Android device, normally you will find this in Settings> Display> screen timeout (or some variant of this), whereas, in the iOS devices, you’ll have to go to Settings> Display and brightness> auto-Lock, then set it to the longest time possible. In this way, you’ll be able to take a look at any time and see the next step of your recipe.

If your device is powerful enough to handle more than one task at the same time, you can also use it with the speaker Bluetooth to listen to music or some podcasts while you cook.


While the joy of having in your hands a paper book will never vanish, there are certain advantages to ebook readers and reading apps. Shopping online gives you instant access to millions of books and magazines, and the humble e-book reader can even get to enjoy hundreds of these and not pay a penny

Although phones and tablets do not have screens, E —Ink mimic paper and make them easy to read under the light of the sun— not a bad way to be delivered to the reading while traveling. In addition, it is very easy to set up: just download some applications for reading e-books like Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books app or Bluefire, and then download the books.

If you do not have a good selection of e-books, Project Gutenberg has a lot of titles for free with which you can start. You can also find sites for sales or deals, such as Humble Bundle.


reciclar un telefono android y ios child using an ipad tablet by aperturismo 863x576 720x720

If your son or daughter already has an age at which you consider that can access to a certain type of technology, to make a device that is already used instead of buying a new one, it can be a great solution. Yes, you should make sure to change and make some adjustments in the settings of the device. Be sure to install some of the best apps for parents , available for both iOS as paraAndroid, and also reviews what are the applications more fun and educational for children. Finally, YouTube for kids is a great way to allow your young child to get access to the site videos largest in the world, without access to inappropriate content after you add filters to the device.


reciclar un telefono android y ios old tablet video call 720x720

Are you an addict or addicted to FaceTime or Skype? Video calls are the best way to be face to face with someone that is far away, and all you need is a front camera and an internet connection.

Given that it is likely that you use your old device, why not use it to make video calls with ease? It is necessary to make sure, though, that your device is safe and protected. But after that, it is very easy to access to any call or contact with family and friends.

Best of all is that, if you need to move to another place, just take this device with you.

*Article updated June 3, 2019, by Estefania Oliver.

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