Google tried to conceal a security breach that affected thousands of accounts

brecha de seguridad google plus

The management of the privacy and cyber security continues to be a headache for larger companies, and may potentially affect billions of users. Now, a new report claims that Google did not disclose a breach of security on your social network of Google Plus to take care of your reputation. With the disclosure of this information, it appears that shooting them backfired.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, citing documents and people close to the matter, a software failure would have given to third-party developers potential access to the private data of the profile of hundreds of thousands of users of Google Plus. This was not an isolated case: ensures that the incident is developed throughout the year 2015 until march 2018.

Apparently, Alphabet -the parent company-Google – has not revealed the problem when it was discovered for the first time, to avoid damage to the reputation and regulatory control. It is speculated that the intention was to avoid comparisons with the situation that led to a scandal caused by the signature data Cambridge Analytica, with the one who had to deal with Facebook and that still affects the credibility of the social network.

The security breach was confirmed by Google. In a posting on its official blog, the company explains that it plans to close all functions for users of Google Plus, and that the data potentially exposed includes the names of users, email addresses, dates of birth, profile photo, and gender (feminine or masculine). Google says that the attack did not manage to obtain more information related to the communication staff, or phone numbers.

“Many applications, services and third-party web sites are based on our various services to improve the phones, working life and the online experience of all. We strongly support this ecosystem asset. But increasingly, their success depends on the users know that their data is safe and that developers have clear rules for the road”, says part of the statement.

The company ensures that it found no evidence that any developer has used the wrong data in the profile, although, for the moment, says it can’t confirm which users were affected. Also, it was announced that they are updating their Policy of User Data to the API of Gmail, to limit the applications that can request permission to access Gmail data from people who use the popular service emails. And if after learning of this news you decide to delete your Gmail account, we explain how to do this by following a few simple steps.

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