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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Nine Things Amazon Can Do (and Google Can't)

If you've been looking for a smart home speaker , you're probably familiar with Amazon and Google products . Maybe you already own one of these – both have come a long way in recent years. And more than facing Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, highlighting nine things Amazon can do (and Google can't).

What were once music streaming portals are now brands capable of much more. Through the power of Alexa and the Google Assistant , you can use both speakers to control smart home equipment, including lights and cameras, connect to your preferred news and weather sources, play games, ask questions and more.

The Google Home can do a few things that the Amazon Echo can't, and the Amazon Echo has certain skills, tricks, and features that Google Home simply can't match. The best thing is that you only need to say "Alexa" or "OK, Google", followed by your query or command and they will do the rest of the work for you.

If you want to compare the two devices in terms of their specs and features, check out our article on Amazon Echo vs. Google Home .

1. Games and Commands with Echo Buttons

People's hands playing with the Echo Buttons to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

You can use Echo Buttons to control smart home products and routines and to activate voice responses (that is, you can press the button and have Alexa announce that dinner is ready).

You can also use them as ringtones for games like trivia and accessories for games like Simon Says. So far, Google doesn't have its own branded buttons like echo buttons.

2. Echo Input and Echo Auto

Interior of a car with Amazon Echo integrated to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Amazon continues to launch new Echo devices for the home and mobile apps. The Echo Auto connects to your car stereo, allowing you to have Alexa in your car. While Google is releasing new Home and Nest devices, it doesn't have one like the Echo Auto yet.

That being said, there are a number of new vehicles hitting the market as certified Android Auto cars . Equipped with the Google Assistant, popular models from BMW, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet and Ford now allow you to use the Google Assistant to plan your next trip, find gas stations and play your favorite music while driving on a highway.

If you're a devoted Alexa fan, there are several new vehicles with Amazon's assistant on board . Brands include Audi, BMW, and Chevrolet. Toyota and Ford support is also available, but only in conjunction with your cell phone's Alexa app.

3. Track shipments

Amazon boxes on a front door to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

If you enable purchase notifications in the Alexa app, you can ask it to track your Amazon packages. Your Echo will give you information on when your package will arrive and when it will be ready for delivery. Google Home doesn't have the same kind of optimized package tracking feature as Amazon's.

4. Take care of your home

Image of fire in the kitchen of a house to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Echo devices allow you to enable Alexa Guard , which is a feature that listens for noises that indicate danger like broken glass and alarms. Alexa will send you an alert and clip of the specific noise to let you know that there might be a trouble signal.

As of yet, Google Home (on its own) doesn't have the ability to act like a set of ears that can hear smoke detectors and broken glass when you're not at home.

Recently, Amazon expanded its Guard functionality with a new feature set under Guard Plus, a $ 4.99 monthly service in the US, providing add-ons such as 24/7 Amazon emergency support and compatibility with the Ring, Arlo and August security brands. .

5. Create and publish custom S kills with ease

Bloeprints page for Alexa to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

You can use Alexa B lueprints to create custom Skills for your Echo. There are dozens of different, from games and quizzes, to pranks, to those that help instruct a babysitter or pet sitter when you're on vacation.

Nor do you need any coding knowledge to create custom Skills, as only must complete pre – created templates.

Although you are using a template, you can also quite customize Blueprint's abilities. For example, when creating a quiz game, you can customize more than just the questions and answers.

You can select things like the sounds Alexa makes in the event of a correct or incorrect answer, choose how the game is scored, and decide if a close answer is acceptable enough to be considered a correct answer.

You can share your skills and even post them to the store, where other Echo users can use and rate them. Also, you can create personalized experiences for the Google Assistant, but there is more of a learning curve than with Alexa Blueprints.

Some custom Google Assistant experiences, like quizzes and trivia, have a template, making it a bit easier, while others involve APIs and the somewhat more complex process.

6. Connect with Amazon Music and FireTV

Amazon Fire remote control in a person's hand to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

Compatible Echo devices can control your FireTV . You can pause, play, search, and more. Google Home can control the power of many televisions and control televisions with Chromecast, but not your FireTV. The same goes for Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited.

7. Control more than 60,000 smart home products

Amazon Echo on a table to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

As of the end of May 2019, Amazon reports that there are more than 60,000 Alexa-compatible smart home devices from more than 7,400 different brands.

Google reports that you can control more than 50,000 smart home products with Google Home. Sure, that's a lot of compatible products, but Amazon is moving forward with another 10,000 partners.

8. Allows you to buy on Amazon

Amazon box animation to compare Google Home vs. Amazon Echo Chris DeGraw / Digital Trends

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is king. Emarketer projected that the online shopping giant will lead the e-commerce race as it has in previous years.

Your Echo lets you shop directly from Amazon, but if you're using Google Home, you're not shopping on Amazon but Google Express (you can also order groceries from Walmart using Google Home).

9. Create custom routines quickly and easily

Living room of a house with different devices to compare Chris DeGraw / Digital Trends

In the Alexa app, it's very easy to create routines. The workout menu is on the main menu and you can customize everything to your liking in about a minute.

Google routines are more complicated to configure. In the Google Home app, the routines feature isn't that easy to find, and the setup process feels slower and more tedious.

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