Google Creative Lab wants to use AR in your phone so that you can learn to draw

google creative lab dibujos arIf you are trying to learn to draw or improve your technique, it is likely that you’ve searched for YouTube videos in an attempt to learn, but it has its drawbacks, like the fact that you have to look constantly from your page to your screen. For this reason, Google Creative Lab wants to solve that problem with the help of augmented reality, is launching a new project (which they call “experiment”) under the name of Drawalong AR.

The experiment is essentially a way to show the developers and creators of YouTube how you can convert the videos of art of education in a type of tracing paper virtual, that uses augmented reality. The use of technology, you’ll be able to trace the image you’re trying to draw by looking at your page through your phone’s camera, with an overlay of the image at the top. Seems to be a good idea, and a great way to improve your drawing skills.

“For the millions of people who turn to YouTube to learn or improve your drawing skills, it’s frustrating having to change the view between the screen and the paper to match their drawings with what is happening on the screen, a process that loses a lot in the results. To provide inspiration to the developers, the tutorial videos and blogs explores how to ARCore you can overlay YouTube videos on a page drawing, “ said Creative Lab of Google in a publication.

To show the experiment, Google has partnered with the popular creator of YouTube AmandaRachLee, which is known for its tutorials for drawing and art. The master mind behind the concept in itself is Jane Friedhoff, who works with Google’s Creative Lab. Friedhoff also wrote a publication on Medium that detailed the creation of the experiment, pointing out the difficulties in their creation, such as the fact that it required a follow-up of high fidelity.

Of course, it is not a perfect way of learning to draw. You still have to hold your phone on the paper and try not to move it too much, or the picture may become a little crooked, but it is certainly a form of creative practice.

Unfortunately, there is still no real way to check the experiment for yourself, but if the developers take advantage of this opportunity to implement their own ideas, then it might be common to experience educational tutorials YouTube so much more immersive in the future. We will keep you informed when this happens.

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