Give life to your browser with the best themes of Google Chrome

Dulces de diferentes colores en forma circular como parte de temas de Google Chrome

The design is the spice of life, right? If that is the case why you’re always looking at that old and boring image of your favorite browser? With the new themes of Google Chrome you have the options to turn it into a beautiful work of art and, of step, to add a bit of excitement to your days of work or while surfing the Internet at home, regardless of your style or interest.


Chrome is a great look by itself. It is simple, direct and easy to see. If you like that look, but maybe you want to change it a little, but not too much, these issues are for you. Take the classic aesthetic of Chrome and make some subtle changes.

Tema de Google Chrome Material Dark
Temas de Google Chrome Modern Flat

Temas de Google Chrome Oceanic

Temas de Google Chrome Metal negro de carbono + plata


As well as issues minimalist above, these subjects returned to coat your browser in order to darken things, dim the lights and eliminate that color scheme grey-white common to the Chrome vanilla.

Temas de Google Chrome Just black
Temas de Google Chrome Morpheon dark
Temas de Google Chrome Slinky Elegant
Temas de Google Chrome Dark reader

Dark Reader is technically an extension instead of a theme, but it does what makes a topic and so much more. The download includes a menu where you can adjust the settings dark to match your environment navigation as needed. And this applies not only to the window Chrome, but also all the Google sites, social networking sites, such as Facebook, and more. It is basically a dark mode for all of your navigation!


Out of the darkness into the light, we wandered through the Chrome Web Store in search of the most colourful for anyone who wants their browser to look a little less boring. These themes keep things simple but inject a bit of colour in to your Chrome experience.

Temas de Google Chrome Blue/Green Cubes
Temas de Google Chrome Pintura voladra
Temas de Google Chrome Dulces
Temas de Google Chrome Colores


The best themes of landscapes borrowing a great picture and look of your browser in function of the colors and the overall feel of the original image. However, these topics do more than just change a color scheme: turn your browser into a window to the outside world.

Temas de Google Chrome Fiordo Noruego
Temas de Google Chrome Ciudad y puente en la niebra
Temas de Google Chrome Playa Griega
Temas de Google Chrome Isla de Skye Escocia


Sometimes you just need to look at a cute animal. The end-point. Fortunately, these issues inject pictures of cats and dogs in your everyday experience, so that you can enjoy them every time you open a new tab.

Temas de Google Chrome Amor de cachorros

Temas de Google Chrome Gatitos
Temas de Google Chrome Gato

Outer space

Who says that the dark mode has to be of a color? If you want a more obscure issue for your Chrome browser but still want an interesting photograph, or a touch of color, these space issues could work for you.

Temas de Google Chrome Galaxy Aero 1440p
Temas de Google Chrome Espacio
Temas de Google Chrome Espacio desconocido
Temas de Google Chrome Arbol solitario

Urban landscapes

Maybe you are not really interested in the peace and serenity of the countryside and prefer to have a bustling scene of urban landscape, adorning your browser. We can not blame yourself: the colors are often exciting and it is also a great way to enjoy travel photography.

Temas de Google Chrome Noche en Seattle
Temas de Google Chrome Bahia de la Marina deSingapurde
Temas de Google Chrome Luces de la ciudad

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