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Gift a game on Steam is more simple than you might imagine

Give away video games at a distance has never been easier. Steam, the distribution platform of PC games from Valve, has a near-total grip in this area and is probably the easiest way. If you want to surprise your friend or a family member with a copy of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Mortal Kombat 11, we explain how to gift a game on Steam in a few simple steps.

It is important to remember that Valve changed in 2017 and its policy on gifts. Since it is not possible to conserve codes to distribute them when you want, nor do you send games to people who don’t have Steam account. If you have available codes in the system, at the end of this article I will show you how to use them, but in the future all giveaways will require the procedure that you indicate below. In addition, Valve has stopped accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, due to the volatility of this currency pop-up.

If you’re unsure of a specific game to give as a gift, you can purchase Steam Wallet code instead. That way the recipient can decide. We go over that process at the end of this guide.

How to gift a game on Steam

Before you could send a game to anyone by entering an email address, and the message would come with instructions on how to set up a Steam account to download the purchase. However, now you can only gift a game on Steam to people who already have accounts on this platform and that are in your friends list.

1. Make sure your friend has a Steam account

You need to confirm that the person you want to give is a Steam user and have downloaded the application. If not, you can set up a new account in your name (if you ask your friend to create an account, you will lose the chance of surprise).

If you already set up, or the person already has an account, the next step is to add it to your list of friends. Go to the drop-down menu Friends, select Add a friend, and search for your user name. Once they accept your request, you’ll be able to give them a game.

2. Find the game you wish to buy and add it to your cart

Busca el juego que deseas comprar y agrégalo a tu carro

Find the game that you want to gift in the store Steam, either directly in the application or the web site, and select Add to cart. If the game in question is already in your account, there will be a note on the purchase option that says: Purchase this game as a gift for a friend.

3. Select ‘Buy as gift’

Selecciona comprar para regalo

You should choose the option Buy as a gift. If you are already an owner of the game, the option to Buy for me will be disabled, since you can’t have multiple copies of the same title.

4. Choose the recipient

Selecciona tu destinatario

Select the recipient from your friends list. You can choose to schedule the delivery at a date and time, if you want it to be a surprise for a particular occasion.

5. Enter a custom message

Escribe un mensaje personalizado

Personalize your gift by typing the name of your friend and writing a message. It can be anything, from a simple “happy birthday” or “happy holidays”, a message of fun or even a letter more profound.

6. Complete the purchase

After customizing the gift, tap “Continue“. You will come to the purchase screen regular, where you’ll need to follow the steps as if you were buying it for you, but with the satisfaction of being there, by giving it to your best friend.

How to gift a game to duplicate on Steam

Valve also amended the gift policy of Steam to end up with partners or key people who try to avoid the price changes according to the region. In this way, since you will not be able to buy and hold codes games indefinitely. However, any code residual that you have will still be valid and you will be able to share it, give it away as before.

1. Manages gifts and passes

Administra los regalos que desees enviar

In the tab Games application Steam, select Manage gifts and guest passes guest. Only you will find this option when you use the software of the gaming platform, so be sure to have it downloaded before searching for the code.

2. Select the game doubled

Escoge el juego duplicado que deseas regalar

If you have games duplicates available for gift, appear in the grid. Select the title, then navigate to the right and click on the button Send gift.

On the next page, you will be able to give away the game by entering the email address of the recipient, or send it directly through Steam, but they should be incorporated to your list of friends.

Once you have entered the recipient through any of the two methods, press Next and continue from step 5 of the previous section.

Code Wallet Steam

Además regalar un juego en Steam, también puedes obsequiar un código de Steam Wallet

You can also buy a code Wallet Steam as a gift. To do so, you must be a friend of the recipient on Steam for at least three days.

The gift codes can be purchased by $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100 dollars. Simply choose the value of the gift, choose the recipient among your friends list, and complete your purchase. The code will be automatically sent to the account of your friend.

* Updated by Rodrigo Orellana on march 25, 2020

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