Ghost of Tsushima: tips and tricks you should know

Ghost of Tsushima is an adventure open-world high-level, and although he adopts many of the forms that we have seen in other role-playing games similar, also change the formula in different ways. Since the wind guide even the lack of an integrated system of locking, a Ghost of Tsushimto is not just the same game with a different theme, if not that, it encompasses much more. To help you in your journey through the island of Tsushima, here are 13 tips and tricks about this game that you need to know.

Let the wind guide you

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

The great innovation of the Ghost of Tsushima in the context of the open world is the addition of the “Wind Guide”. Instead of adding cue point markers or a mini-map, the wind will guide you to a destination that set the adventure within the game. However, that is not what the wind can do that, outside of the door, you can set it and use it to track objects of collection not discovered, they are discs, artifacts, banners, and some crickets singing. You can also invest some of your points of follow-up in other locations collectibles, as dens of foxes and hot springs.

Even if you do not have a specific objective, it is best to prepare the wind to guide you towards a search far that eventually you decide to do. As long as you have the Attire of a traveler equipped, it will eliminate much of the “Fog of War” as you progress through the game, revealing new locations and points of interest not discovered on your map. Basically, if you don’t know what to do when you’re playing Ghost of Tsushima, put the wind in a direction that you have not explored and begins to ride your horse. However, at that time you’re bound to stumble upon something along the way.

Let the nature guide you

The wind is not the only guiding force in Ghost of Tsushima, because if you continue your journey you’ll find big birds yellow that will fly in front of you. Follow them, as these will lead you to the bamboo, the pillars of honor, sanctuaries, hot springs, and almost any other point of interest on the map and trip. As a tip: first, follow the wind, but if you see a yellow bird, always a good idea to break the course and see where it lead you.

Although the birds in yellow are the key way in which to find certain areas of interest on the island of Tsushima, there are other signs of nature to which you should pay attention to. For example, the fireflies will revolve around the dens of foxes, while the butterflies will hang around the spots of Haiku. In summary, if you see something that stands out throughout the environment, desvíate and go to investigate it.

Balances your resolution

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

While traversing the open world game thanks to the wind is one of the best ways to do this, we is the only innovation that has been integrated in a Ghost of Tsushima. Instead of having a resistance, has a built-in meter resolution. With it you can solve various tricks in the game, including the powerful and unlockable attack Heavenly Strike. However, in most cases, you can use the feature to “Resolve” to heal, similar to the bar of focus in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The important thing to keep in mind is that the bar resolution is not full passively, as you will need to retrieve it steadily.

There are two main ways to gain resolution (Resolve): to attack and kill enemies. However, if you are about to get in a big battle, you’ll need a boost to your resolution quickly, and there is where come into play the clashes. If you defeat her successfully to your opponent during a confrontation, you’ll get all the resolution to your back, but it will give you a lot of work to obtain it during the process of battle.

Put an end to the suffering

This is a small tip, but important. As you shoot down mobs of enemies, a few, deeply wounded, begin to crawl. If you approach them, you will see a button to “end suffering”. By brutal as that is, you should always finish the job. To defeat an enemy this way will give you a full bar of resolution (Resolve), and in some battles, you’ll have a handful of enemies waiting to see the other side. Run through the battlefield and eliminate the stragglers is a quick and easy way to retrieve any of the resolution spent.

An outfit for every occasion

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

There are 11 sets of armor in the Ghost of Tsushima, and each set offers more than just a cosmetic difference. As soon as you get the game, you’ll have access to Broken Armor and Traveler’s Attire. The cracked armor is, well, broken, and is basically useless as such. The dress of a traveler is more useful, as that allows you to track collectibles, with the wind guide as described in our first tip. Also will take some pulses through your driver, especially when you are near an object of collection.

You will earn other sets of armor along the main story, although most of them come from Mythic Such. However, you can get the Armor of the Clan’s Samurai immediately. On the other hand, during the main mission called “The tale of Lady Masako”, you’ll need to travel to the Golden Temple in the first region. While you’re there, talk with the Armorer and you will be given the Armor of the Clan Samurai free, which is basically the best that there is established throughout the game. This occurs because it reduces all damage received during battles, in addition to that offers a special impetus to your health and gives you another type of resistance along the plot.

You can change the set of armor on the fly, even when you’re in a duel. For this case we recommend you to use the outfit of a traveler when you’re exploring places to remove the fog of war and discover new secrets. However, when the time comes for battle, switch to the armor of the Clan Samurai, at least until you unlock some of the sets more specialised later in the game.

Change your posture to break down the defenses of your enemies

Within the game there are four positions calls in the following manner: stone, water, wind, and Moon. Each of these positions is effective against a certain type of enemy, those who are Swordsmen, Shieldmen, Spearmen , and team two, respectively. By default, you’ll have access to the position of the stone, which is enough to spend the first few hours of the game (we will cover how to unlock the other poses later).

However, the postures are more than a simple trick. The combat in Ghost of Tsushima is based on breaking the defense of your enemy, leaving him open to direct attacks. During the attacks of the mafia, change your position to any enemy that you’ll face, breaks his defenses and begins to hack. When it comes to team two and Spearmen, in particular, to use the correct posture makes the difference between winning or losing.

Stealth as if no one were looking

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

The stealth is a combat system that is extremely powerful in Ghost of Tsushima. Frankly, the artificial intelligence (AI) is not as “smart”, but in general, you can roam around a camp mongol with little fuss, always and when do not run between the enemies. Most of the warriors mongols are more happy looking at a wall while you run behind them and short to the knees. Although in Ghost of Tsushima is much more enjoyable when you face your enemies directly as the honorable samurai that you are, the stealth approach is much more easy and simple. If you’re going through a difficult time in a particular area, try to eliminate some of your enemies using stealth. You can get away with it much more than you think.

Complete the first mission, at least

After a prologue long enough, it is tempting to dive head-first into the camps liberators and tackle side missions once you manage to liberate the island of Tsushima. However, you must complete the first quest of the main story before you do anything else, “The Warrior’s Code”, which serves as a tutorial extended in many ways. In addition to giving a big boost to his legend, this mission also teaches you how to assassinate enemies, and, what is more important, how track them with hearing enhanced and focused.

You will earn various skills and new gadgets while traveling to the top of Tsushima, but don’t need it right away. The hearing focused, that gives you the ability to move at a slower pace and detect enemies at a distance, is essential. Although we recommend approaching the secondary content early and often, as we will deepen later, you must first read “The Code of the Warrior”.

Don’t Play too safe

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

Ghost of Tsushima is not Dark Souls, but neither is Ninja Gaiden. With the theme of the samurai, the battle consists of balancing the offense and the defense. If you hide behind a block and dodge only when necessary, rarely you will find a window to attack your opponent. On the other hand, if you approach the crowd of enemies with your Katana swinging as if you were invincible, the warriors mongols quickly you will demonstrate otherwise.

The combat system of Ghost of Tsushima is a little strange, so much so that it takes a dozen hours in the game to achieve control. However, once you understand the dance, there’s nothing like that. The key is to identify when it is time to change the mode. When an enemy is attacking, dodges and blocks, and when you have a chance, launches a strong attack, or even two. Repeat this process until you’ve stunned your enemy, then move to a assault total. Once you have mastered the combat system, you dodge, hit, and make other movements, just as if you been doing it for years.

Talk with all

Ghost of Tsushima has very little in the way of padding. Unlike many other role-playing games open world, talk to NPC is not only to build the world. As you progress through the camps and villages of survivors, you will see NPC with bubbles of speech. Talk with them, always. In general, you will be given a small rumor, that will mark a new location on your map. So it’s like a Ghost of Tsushima dealt side missions that are not part of a mission of several steps. Even if you don’t plan to address the mission high school at that time, it is a good idea to at least mark it on your map so you don’t have to search the island NPC willing to talk to you later.

Create content side early and often

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

Ghost of Tsushima lasts about 50 hours, but only 15 to 20 hours fully devoted to missions of the main story. There is a lot of secondary content, and not just there to extend the run time. In effect, the secondary content, either in the form of a Mythic Such or hot springs, is where you’ll get some of the improvements and most important skills of the game, so you’ll want to address the content side as soon as possible to make the rest of the game easier.

At the beginning, for example, you’ll have access to the story’s mythical so-called “Blow Heaven”, which will reward you with the ability of the Blow Heavenly extremely powerful and unlockable. In the same way, the dens of foxes, unlock new slots charm on your katana, while the thermal waters increase your maximum health. All-in – Ghost of Tsushima is working to make Jin stronger in one way or another, and the game expects you to address part of the content side as you go. If you’re struggling with a mission, take a break and look for some points of interest before lowering the difficulty level.

Notes, then kills

As mentioned above, there are four postures in a Ghost of Tsushima, even though you only have access to one at the beginning. To unlock the other positions, you must defeat the mongol leaders. You can find these leaders in the camps, and when you pull out one, you earn a point for your next position. However, you can double your points by observing the leader before you delete them.

When you get to a camp, Mongolian, you’ll have a couple of main objectives, as well as an additional goal, that gives you more points of legend. Sometimes the additional goal that says: “observed or kills the mongol leader”. But eye, you don’t have to choose, because if you see this goal can only walk silently through the camp until you find the leader. Once you detect and display the indication, press and hold R2. See a mongol leader gives you a point towards your next position, but it also makes him to kill him, so that you can earn double points and unlock quickly all positions of the game.

Bowing to show respect

Ghost of Tsushima: consejos y trucos que debes saber

If you swipe down on the touchpad, Jin tilts for a brief moment. On the surface, this is just a pose that you can use in photo mode for some photos sweets. However, it is also a way to unlock the surprises. If you see something interesting, you try to lean in front of him. There is No guarantee that you find something new, but in the few cases in which there is something new, it is immensely satisfying. In addition, there is a trophy for bowing in front of each altar hidden.

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