GameSnacks: The new mobile game of Google for mobile phones slow

The vast majority of people in the world still has phones that work with 3G networks and even 2G. Basic cell, low range, and that often do not have enough memory to display games.

By it and to enter to compete directly with Facebook, Google has announced that it will make available to users a range of games in HTML 5 which are fast and easy and designed for basic phones.

This idea is called GameSnacks and materialized through the laboratory of experimental development of the signature: Area 120.

To do a test, Google shows that a basic game, on a phone with 3G network and 1GB of memory, it would take 12 seconds to load, and at three seconds the user is already out.

“Our team of the Area 120 works with the developers to achieve fast throughput by reducing the size of the loaded HTML page initially, compressing additional assets such as scripts, images, and sounds, and waiting to load them until needed”, say on Google.

“The games GameSnacks are simple, fun and ideal for casual gamers. The games only last a few minutes and have simple rules that can be learned without instructions. Games GameSnacks are accessible on any device with web capacity. Each game supports touch controls, keyboard and mouse and you can play on Android devices, iOS, and desktop”, they write in the company of Mountain View.

Regarding your implementation, Area 120 commented that they signed an alliance with Gojek, an application to Indonesia’s very popular in Southeast Asia.

Also opened up the possibility for developers around the world can submit their projects for games in HTML 5 and also to all those who wish to incorporate into their applications the titles of GameSnacks.

“The games GameSnacks can help to entertain your users and increase the likelihood of their returning to your application. The presentation of the games can also be customized to feel native to your application. When it comes to games, more fast is better than slow . We are excited to bring the games GameSnacks to more users around the world and make the games more accessible”, they conclude.

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