Forza Horizon 4, now available for all the world

No more waiting: lovers of video games driving who enjoy the adrenaline, there is good news. Xbox has confirmed the availability of Forza Horizon 4 “to the entire family of Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass” and as it is natural, you can buy it this title. The Standard version and Deluxe join the Exceptional, available from the 28th of September.

As we have previously commented, one of the most attractive features of this title is the presence of the ‘stations ‘ dynamic’ that will bring that extra to the races, and not just for the spectacular landscapes that you will encounter in the race, but by the difficulty of driving that can be given at certain times. In Forza Horizon 4 you can run on their own or in teams on the roads of the Uk, and what you can do behind the wheel of over 450 vehicles at your disposal.

If you’re a subscriber of Xbox Live Gold, you’ll be able to play online multiplayer between up to a maximum of twelve riders in the race; in the cooperative modes, for your part, you can count on the support of up to six participants with missions and common goals. In this game you can enjoy in addition to real-time from different platforms (consoles and computers) without discrimination and in a transparent way to the user. The more adventurous will also be able to create clubs and enjoy a good collection of houses spread across the country.

For this global launch, the makers of the console was invited to Hoonigan Racing Division Ken Block, famous for its exhibits and the video series Gymkhana. As could not be otherwise, Block entertained the audience with a good collection of _driftings_ at the controls of a Ford Mustang V2 Hoonicorn, 1965, in front of a fighter of the Second World War. “It’s not every day I do a donut in my Hoonicorn around a Spitfire fighter or corrompo the sacred ground of the Goodwood Estate. But by the release of Forza Horizon 4, had to do it,” said Ken Block.

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