Fortnite Week 8, Season 8: Find the pieces of the puzzle

The video game Fortnite Battle Royale is already in the eighth week of the season, pirate-themed number eight. While the challenges were somewhat weak during the last few weeks, the current came to change things up a bit. There are targets to meet pretty amazing, and one of the more tricky it is to find the pieces of the puzzle in the map.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to complete it.

Challenge of the pieces of the puzzle in Fortnite

fortnite semana 8 temporada encontrar las piezas del rompecabezas desafio body 4

The description for this challenge is pretty vague in and of itself, so that it can be easy to get lost without knowing where to go exactly. The only thing that indicates specifically is find these pieces under bridges and inside caves.

Needless to say, the map Battle Royale is full of both things, but many of them can be lost from view. And in addition, it is unknown if all count for this challenge. All of these unknowns make to complete this goal more difficult than it actually is. Finally, we have to find a total of seven pieces to complete it.

It is very likely that this challenge will take you several games to complete it, and while it is completely possible to do it in one, it is extremely difficult to carry out. Fortunately, we have several tips to make this task more bearable and entertaining. Let’s get started.

Tips to find the pieces of the puzzle

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We recommend that you take this challenge in event mode, limited Food Fight: Deep Fried, or any other mode with many players that you have available. Unfortunately it seems that Team Rumble is gone momentarily. Food Fight is great because there are only two teams with a smaller amount of players.

Playing in this mode will give you a great number of allies to cover their backs, in addition to less enemies to worry about. There is also the possibility of reviving during the game, so you won’t have to worry about if you die in the middle of the search. As indicated in the description of the challenge, you’ll want to focus on is to find bridges and caves on the map. Don’t waste your time looking in basements or something like that.

The council largest for this challenge is to use the mode Party Assist. Although it is not strictly necessary for the other challenges this week, highly recommend it for this. This will allow your team mates to help in the search also. If they find any piece on the map, it will count both for them and for you. This will find the seven pieces much easier.

These are all locations that we recommend that you visit to complete the challenge.

Locations of jumpers on Fortnite

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To begin, we will need to take a look at all of the locations of the bridges that you must visit. Something to keep in mind is that most of them are going east to west on the island, and vice versa. You will not see many going from north to south. In addition, the vast majority are in the southern half of the map, so it will be best to get it there directly in a vehicle, grabbing all the pieces that you can find in the way.

This is the complete list of the bridges that you can go to, along with their locations:

  • Shifty Shafts bridge: Goes from the west side to the east, and is located just to the southeast of Shifty Shafts.
  • Lucky Landing bridge: Going from west to east, and is located in the northwest of Lucky Landing. What you’ll see going over the big bridge.
  • Paradise Palms bridge: Going from left to this, and is to the south of Paradise Palms, just in the desert.
  • Desert bridge: There is another bridge in the desert that covers a gap between the planes of grass and that area. It can be found to the northwest of Paradise Palms.

While there are not too many bridges, these are relatively easy to find since you just need to open the map and head towards the locations. Something to keep in mind is that you only need to look under them to find the pieces of the puzzle, so that it will not take you much time to look for them.

As for the caves, there are many more bridges to find the pieces.

Location of the caves in Fortnite

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Search for the caves is probably the most time you bring in your search, as it can be difficult to locate the not be to the naked eye. Luckily, you’ll find most in the southern area of the map.

Here I leave a large number of caves that can be found in the map of Fortnite:

  • Lazy Lagoon: This cave is just south of the main city, and on the edge of it.
  • The mine’s peak mining: This beloved of mine is to the southeast of The Block, and it has a section of cave just at the end where you will find a piece of the puzzle.
  • Fatal Fields: There are two main caves that you can find at this of Fatal Fields, and one that is just north of the field.
  • Shifty Shafts:. The entire section of the Shifty Shafts is basically a huge cave, so just search for the area.
  • Tilted Towers: There is an underground area that is located just to the northeast border of Tilted Towers.
  • Frosty Flights: you Can find a cave to the southeast of Frosty Flights, just in the biome of snow.

A reward for finding the pieces of the puzzle

fortnite semana 8 temporada encontrar las piezas del rompecabezas desafio body 4

Your reward for finding the pieces of the puzzle that is a total of five Battle Stars. Not a lot, in particular considering that there are that find seven pieces in various locations, but it is sufficient to ensure the rise of mid-level tier.

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